5 Actions That Can Get You Thrown Out of Your flight


You are probably wondering: Why would I be kicked off a flight when I have already spent money on the ticket, checked in and boarded? Truth is, it happens all the time! And Yes! even in Nigeria.

Certain individuals for several reasons are asked to get off the airplane due to certain actions that either go against the airline’s rules or are just unacceptable. There have been times planes have had to make emergency stops or change route just so they could take someone off the plane.



Although, there are no precise data about these incidents – when or why they happen as most are not officially recorded, there is a chance it all stems from a combination of highly suspicious travelers, and the generally anxiety-inducing process of flying. If you are curious to know the possible reasons why anyone could be booted off a plane, read on, as Jumia Travel has put together 5 possible scenarios.

  1. Taking a photograph

Out of excitement you may decide to take a few pictures of yourself on board airplane or of the flight attendants, pilot, other passengers or even of another passenger’s possession or actions. Unfortunately, while this may seem like a fun idea to you, some airlines do not condone it.  Doing things of that nature could give the impression that you are a security risk and thus, you get thrown off.

ADVICE:  Keep you camera at bay, as well as your phones. If you cannot resist the urge to take candid pictures. Wait till you have reached your destination before you start taking candid pictures or videos, so that even if they throw you off the plane, at least you are already at your destination.

2. Wearing a controversial or offensive t-shirt

While you are free to wear whatever you want while travelling via airplane, it is important to ensure the inscription on the shirt or dress is not offensive or suggestive. For instance: wearing something like “Who says the terrorists are wrong?” or “I am loyal to BOKO” will certainly get you off the plane. ADVICE: stick to neutral colours and comfortable clothing while travelling. Leave the funny T-shirt for later when you are in the confines of your own home.

3. Being sick

No one wants a sick person to seat next to them, and likewise, no airline wants a sick person on board. Aside from the risk of others being infected, there is the possible bad PR or worse litigation that may come from uncomfortable passengers.

Most airline have asked people to get off the train because they were having uncontrollable coughing fit, having confirmed they had an allergy or they  just won’t stop vomiting. ADVICE: if you are sick, please wait till you get better before going on a plane, and if it is an urgent trip, take something to knock you out all through the journey, that way you remain a silent passenger who poses little or no risk to others on board.

4.Upsetting a flight attendant

You could get thrown off a plane just by disobeying flight attendant or frustrating him/her. Usually, the flight attendant states the rules of the airline once everyone is onboard and goes round to ensure everyone complies to the rules. Trying to prove stubborn would cause more harm than good.

Also, using offensive words on the flight attendant or trying to start a fight could fast-track your own personal landing. ADVICE: comply with whatever the flight attendants say and be nice to them, no matter how much it hurts.

5. Smelling badly

“How bad could anyone who can afford to pay for a flight actually smell?” you may ask. But hey, you would be surprised! Whether it’s chronic mouth odour, the stench of stale sweat…or maybe the scent of the ogiri you have packed to take with you to whatever foreign land you are headed.

If the smell from your body becomes offensive to not just you but the rest of the passenger and crew, there is a high chance you would be kicked off the plane. ADVICE: do a smell check with family or better a sniff dog, before you head to the airport. Most times, people are oblivious to the odour that come from their body.


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