Lil Wayne: Seizure ‘Caused By Hectic Schedule, Not Codeine Addiction’

Lil Wayne: Seizure ‘Caused By Hectic Schedule, Not Codeine Addiction’

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne, American hip-hop star, has been discharged after his recent hospitalisation.

Wayne had suffered multiple seizures on Sunday, hours before a scheduled performance in Las Vegas.

The award winning rapper was found unconscious in his room and was subsequently rushed to the hospital.

Real name Dwayne Carter, Lil Wayne has said he would be taking a break from work following the doctors’ orders bordering on his discharge, according to TMZ.

The rapper’s recent episode was said to have been caused by his very busy schedule and inadequate sleep, not his codeine cough syrup addiction that was responsible for previous seizures.

The rapper reportedly said he would be taking two weeks off from tour having been advised to avoid overworking himself.

Lil Wayne would return for his next show on September 23.

The rapper had series of seizures in 2016, with one taking place on a plane.

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