‘We Followed Due Process In Auctioning Forfeited Vehicles’ – Onigbanjo

'We Followed Due Process To Auction Forfeited Vehicles' - Onigbanjo

Moyosore Onigbanjo, the Lagos State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, stated on Tuesday that due process was followed during the auctioning of vehicles last week, noting that traffic offenders were given the opportunity to defend themselves before judges and magistrates.

Onigbanjo revealed that the recent auction of vehicles for traffic violations was the second since Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu took office.

“All the cars that were forfeited were abandoned and then notices were even given in newspapers that if your car has been abandoned in the yard, you can still come and pick it up before the auction date.

“In respect to the auctioned cars, they were forfeited pursuant to orders of the law,” he stated.

Lagos traffic law

The Commissioner for Justice also stated that the Lagos State Transport Sector Reform Law (2018) is currently being reviewed for amendment by the Lagos State House of Assembly.

“The Lagos State Transport Sector Reform Law is currently being reviewed by the state House of Assembly and amendments will be in place as soon as possible,” Onigbanjo said on Channels Television’s program which was monitored by BizWatch Nigeria.

“This issue of driving against traffic has become such a nuisance, such a danger, and such a menace to society that something drastic has to be done and the legislators at that time imposed these penalties.

“There is a process to amend the law so people can go up to their representatives in the state house of assembly and make agitations that in our view, this is draconian and we think you should change the law. That could kick-start the process but ongoing right now, there is a process to review the law,” he explained.

One-way violation

BizWatch Nigeria recalls that last week, over 130 vehicles were impounded for various traffic violations, including ‘one-way’ driving.

The vehicles were auctioned off by the Lagos State Government’s Ministry of Justice and the State Taskforce, and many criticized the administration of Governor Sanwo-Olu for being too “harsh.”

However, Onigbanjo warned commercial drivers and other motorists on Tuesday not to jeopardize their livelihoods by breaking traffic laws and killing innocent road users and bystanders.

According to the AG, Lagos is a city where law and order must be followed, not a jungle where anarchy and chaos reign.

“The essence of the law is deterrence. Some people say the punishment is not appropriate but it depends on their perspectives,” he said.


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