Top 7 Parties, Hangouts You Should Attend

Top 7 Parties, Hangouts You Should Attend

Party time! The ’ember’ mood is one of the happiest seasons/moods, we get to unwind, party, hang out with our friends, relax and socialize.

The ’ember’ months are filled with so many activities that keep us entertained.

The official countdown to the end of the year has begun, the festive and party season is upon us! We have taken time to carefully select the best parties and hangouts that you should go for.

How can you benefit from these events?

As an entrepreneur, food vendor, or mixologist, you stand to benefit from these parties/events by teaming up with organizers, setting up a strategy to attract people and gain money.

Grill Party by Grill Fest Gidi

The grill party!!! We definitely started with the best event for this year, 2021.

The grill party is one of the most anticipated events of the year with so many fun-filled activities. You do not want to miss out on this! A novelty match organized by Grill Fest Gidi will hold on December 10, 2021, and the trade fair and main event will hold on December 11, 2021, at African Church Primary School, Ogba.

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Interested vendors, investors/sponsors can reach the organizers via Instagram-@grillfestgidi, WhatsApp -08067097390, Email – Vendors can get a slot for ₦30,000 for food and drinks and ₦20,000 for non-edibles. Kindly contact the organizers for more information.

This being the first event on our list screams how great the event would turn out and the business opportunity it holds. We hope to see you there!

Lagos Margarita Festival

Craving for margarita and fun? Get your tickets, ginger your squad and get yourself down to the Landmark beach on November 28, 2021, for the Lagos Margarita Festival. This ’ember’ period is definitely packed with nice events.

Omu Resort Staycation

Staycation! Yes, you read it right. Blueocean has organized a staycation at Omu Resort for interested fun-seekers. There are different packages so you can comfortably select the package that suits you.

The Aux Party!

It’s time to party the Lekki way😋! The ticket for this event is free, all you have to do is sign up then attend the event.

Palmwine Groove

Coming with a banger on November 14, 2021, is the Palmwine Groove at Lekki. Save the date, get your tickets, get your clothes, ginger yourself, your guys or your loved ones then patiently wait for the event.

Activity Music Fest

Lekki for the wins! The activity music fest will be held at Ultima Studios, Lekki Phase 1 with unlimited music, food, and fun.

Movie Night

The mainland wins this round with a ‘Movie Night’! 4 movies in a night (8 pm -6 am), games, drinks and refreshments for the price of ₦5,000 is definitely a nice offer. This is a nice event for a date, a hangout with your movie bodies and a great way to socialize.

Coming with a big bang is Rave 2 on December 3, 2021, at Omole Phase 1, Ikeja and promises to be packed with lots of fun. Tickets are available for ₦3,000 online but ₦5,000 at the venue.

For more clarification about the event, sponsorship and, information reach out to Denim by Dennis on Instagram. Be sure to save the date, get your jeans and face mask ready and have loads of fun. We hope to see you there!

ok… Just one more! RAVE 2

Party time

So bring out your cards and call your squad, it is time to party and make some money! Remember to spend wisely 😋and do observe all the COVID-19 guidelines!

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