The Net Worth Of The Top 3 Wealthiest Gamblers In The World

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Getting rich from betting can be unthinkable for many people, but many billionaires have made money from betting. Most of them are adept bettors and have scientific logic, so becoming rich is not difficult. So who are those billionaires included? How much is their current net worth? Let’s find out together in the article below!

Top 3 richest gamblers in the world and their net worth

Sheldon Adelson – 33.4 billion USD

Mr. Adelson was a strong opponent of online gambling because he thought that this way of playing made gamblers too easy to lose. However, since the US Supreme Court has approved sports betting and other types of online betting, this new gambling market has exploded, and Sands is hard to ignore. And the fact has proven that he was right when the online betting market is developing very strongly. Many live betting services have affirmed their reputation on a global scale.

And after his efforts in the gambling industry, Sheldon Adelson became an American casino magnate, the head of the luxury resort and casino empire Las Vegas Sands. In early 2021, he passed away after a battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Entrepreneur Sheldon Adelson’s 33.4 billion USD fortune was transferred to his wife. The billionaire’s loyal assistant will take over the largest casino empire in Las Vegas.

Lui Che Woo – 12.2 billion USD

Lui Che Woo was born in 1929 in a city in Guangdong, China. Known to everyone as a Macau casino magnate and the founder and chairman of Galaxy Entertainment Group, Mr. Lui owns a huge fortune. He is always on the list of the richest people in Asia. But before achieving great success like today, Lui Che Woo has overcome many difficulties and challenges.

When Macau ended Stanley Ho’s monopoly on the casino business in 2002, Lui Che Woo quickly won one of only three legal business licenses issued by the government. And Lui launched Galaxy Casino Co, and he also cooperated with the famous gambling magnate in the US, Sheldon Adelson – the owner of Las Vegas Sands.

In 2006, Lui opened his next casino, StarWorld Macau. At that time, players betting at this casino could bet up to 250,000 USD.

He was the 2nd richest person in Asia 5 years ago. Now he owns a net worth of 12.2 billion USD.

Johann Graf – 6.9 billion USD

With a net worth of 6.9 billion USD, Johann Graf is one of the wealthiest gamblers in the world. Novomatic Group is an internationally renowned casino run by Johann Graf. This place distributes various rich slot machines of many genres, even creating video poker for many entertainment brothers.

Having had a difficult situation since childhood, that did not stop billionaire Johann Graf’s dream when he came up with a rather risky idea to import a pinball game machine and sell it to the Austrian market, thereby becoming a gambling distribution dealer in the UK. In 1980, he founded Novomatic Group and expanded the business to cover neighboring countries.

Wrapping Up

Above is information about the net worth of the 3 billionaires with the richest wealth in the world in gambling. I hope this article will help you have the motivation to strive for your future. Wish you success and have a lot of luck in betting games!

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