QuickLearning Launches Africa’s Biggest Mathematics Contest In Nigeria

QuickLearning Launches Africa’s Biggest Mathematics Contest In Nigeria

Registration for QuickLearning Mathematics Contest (QLMC) Nigeria, a competition for critical thinking math geniuses in secondary schools in Nigeria, has begun and will run till Sunday, July 4, 2021.

According to the organizers – JustMedia – Africa’s foremost developer of Educational quizzes, the Quicklearning Mathematics Contest is very strategic, as it accentuates the correlation between students’ critical thinking ability and their academic achievements.

There is a need to close the gap between the critical thinking ability of average African students and their peers across the globe. In response to this and other reasons as highlighted by many discerning parents, QuickLearning Mathematics Contest (QLMC) is being introduced into Nigeria’s edutainment space as a holistic initiative designed to drive up the critical thinking ability of this impressionable target audience who can, and would, solve their needs and eventually Africa’s many problems through the application of Mathematics.

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QLMC Nigeria is a school-based mathematics competition for secondary school students across Nigeria specifically designed to identify, reward outstanding students and help highlight the benefits of critical thinking to solve everyday challenges. 

QLMC Registration

QLMC Nigeria is open to JSS3 students attending full-time secondary education in both Public and Private schools in Nigeria and registration for the competition, which are in two stages:  Stage One is the Qualifying Online Examination and Stage Two the TV Quiz Show, is going online at www.mathematics.quicklearning.africa

According to JustMedia, entry into the competition is absolutely FREE and over ₦3 million cash prizes will be won.

QLMC Requirement

For the 2020/21 maiden season of QLMC Nigeria, each School is allowed to register a minimum of five (5) or a maximum of twenty (20) of their best JSS3 math students, irrespective of their gender, religion, or state of origin, to write the online qualifying examination. This is to expose as many students as possible to computer-based testing methods at an early stage in life.

The qualifying examination will be on the QuickCBT platform which the students can write from anywhere, such as their schools, homes, or café using their laptops or smartphones thereby providing flexibility. The idea is to encourage good participation without exposing the students to various hazards such as travel, logistics and health risks.

From the large number of students that are expected to write the qualifying examination, only the best 54 based on scores earned will be selected for the next stage – TV Quiz show for the ultimate prize (students and teachers) and bragging rights of ‘The Quicklearning Mathematics Champion, Nigeria’.

Prep Classes

According to the organizers, all JSS3 students, including the duly registered students for the exam, will be offered free Prep classes (weekend online classes manned by reputable math tutors) to help them prepare for the highly competitive qualifying exams with the support of the National Examination Council (NECO).

The free prep classes will be delivered on the Quicklearning platform, a secure e-learning platform for curriculum-based after-school studies, exam coaching and vocational studies. The Quicklearning App is designed to deliver safe, high quality, online real-time, user-friendly, affordable and accessible interfaces between students and tutors.

Quicklearning offers unique features such as a secure teaching platform for students, a pool of verified competent tutors, a wide range of school subjects/curriculum, hobbies, periodic evaluation/aptitude tests with over 350,000 past questions – objective, theory and answers of major examinations, homework assistance and scholarships for outstanding students.

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