‘Okada’ Fares Recorded Highest Year-on-Year Increase In April

Okada Fares Recorded Highest Year-on-Year Increase In April

Fares paid by commuters for trips by commercial motorcycles, popularly called okada, rose by 1.79 percent month-on-month, and 86.41 percent year-on-year, according to data by the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

The monthly report titled, ‘Transport Fare Watch April’ highlights the increases observed in transportation fares across the country.

Intracity Fares

There was an increase in fares paid by commuters for bus journeys within cities by 2.34 percent month-on-month and by 72.59 percent year-on-year; from N377.27 in March 2021 to N386.10 in April 2021.

States where fares were higher for intracity trips include Zamfara (N620.35), Bauchi (N600.35) and Nasarawa (N500.23).

For states with the lowest fares: Oyo (N200.07), Abia (N215.04), and Borno (N263.45).

Intercity Transport Fare

On the increase observed for intercity fares, the report noted that there was a 1.48 percent month-on-month increase and a 37.50 percent year-on-year increase.

Intercity fares rose from N2,411.29 in March 2021 to N2,446.86 in April 2021, and states with the highest intercity fares are Abuja (N4,594.21), Lagos (N3,500.20), and Sokoto (N3,340.30) while Bayelsa, Bauchi, and Enugu had the lowest fares with N1,764.55, N1,782.12, and N1,800.40 respectively.

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Air Fares

Fare prices for air trips for “specified routes single journey” saw a drop by -0.24 percent month-on-month but grew by 18.43 percent year-on-year from N36,495.41 in March 2021 to N36,409.46 in April 2021.

Air fares were highest in these states: Anambra (N38,650), Bauchi (N38,550), and Lagos (N38,400).

While states with the lowest air fares include Akwa Ibom (N32,750), Sokoto (N33,500), and Enugu (N35,200).

Okada Fares

The report stated that fares for trips by okada “per drop increased by 1.79% month-on-month and by 86.41% year-on-year to N276.30 in April 2021 from N271.44 in March 2021.”

States that recorded the highest fares by trips on motorcycles are Yobe (N455.02), Lagos (N435.21), and Taraba (N430.55).

While on the other end of the price scope, these states reported the lowest fares by motorcycles trips: Adamawa (N95.10), Katsina (N155.04), and Niger (N160.20).

Waterways Fares

Fares for trips by commuters for waterway trips increased by 1.47 percent month-on-month basis and by 35.22 percent year-on-year basis from N808.38 in March 2021 to N820.23 in April 2021.

The report added, “States with highest fare by water way passenger transport were Delta (N2,400.00), Bayelsa(N2,358.60) and Rivers (N2,300.00) while states with lowest fare by water way passenger transport were Borno (N260.14), Gombe (N315.60) and Kebbi (N350.65).

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