New Year, New Me: 2023 New Year Resolutions

New Year, New Me: 2023 New Year Resolutions

‘New Year, New Me’ is a phrase we always hear at the beginning of the year or as the year is about to end. People use this phrase to signify a beginning of a new phase or a new personality.

Take a look at your new year’s resolution for 2022, the ones you wrote down or swore to do. Did you abide by it?

Sometimes we write new rules based on how we feel or based on circumstances, and the start of a new year gives us a brand-new feeling.

A feeling that makes you want to change your lifestyle, create new strategies for your business, financial principles, how to start a business, or new habits.

2 popular misconceptions about new year’s resolutions

  • Having a resolution changes your life. This is wrong, having a resolution does not change your life, the implementation does. Some people only go as far as writing what they want to do in the new year or goals they want to achieve and not do anything about it.
  • Heavy targets. There are some targets that you can meet, some you cannot meet in a short period and some are unrealistic. An example is setting a target to be the richest guy in the world. Now, this is not a bad target. It is a long-term goal that will take a lot of dedication, not something that can be done with no plan.

I believe it is past time to put to rest the notion that a new year transforms you into a new person. Let us be honest, the only thing that changes is the date.

Some people are eager to put the previous year behind them and move on to the next. But we seem to believe that starting a new year immediately erases everything bad that happened the previous year.

How to write realistic new year resolutions

  • Reflect on the things you did last year, single out the bad decisions and the things you want to work on.
  • Understand yourself, know what you want and want to achieve.
  • What exactly about your life or business do you want to work on?
  • Set a timeframe and be specific
  • Keep it short and realistic

How to grow your business/ setting targets for your business

  • Have a strategic business plan
  • Allocate time frames to your targets
  • Have the right team
  • Review other successful businesses

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