Guys, Would You Use Male Birth Control Pills?

Compared to men, women have lots of birth control options to choose from while men just have three: condoms, vasectomy, or abstinence.

According to research, a man makes about 1,500 sperms every second while a woman releases just one egg per month. No wonder 82 percent of guys interrogated suggested they would go for a male birth control pill if there was any made available.

John Amory, a professor of medicine at the University of Washington who has researched male contraception for 15 years said “a man could still have one million sperm count remaining if 98 percent was suppressed unlike that of a woman who would only ovulate two months out of a hundred if 98 percent of her ovulation was to be suppressed”.

We also gathered that a German inventor even announced plans this year for a so-called dick switch, an implant in the scrotum that would allow a guy to literally turn his sperm ducts on and off. This has not happened yet because no pharmaceutical company have shown interest so far.

However, despite the desire for more options, 63 percent of guys would not use or even consider using a method if there was a chance, conceded Drew Pinsky, MD, host of Dr. Drew On Call and Loveline.

Still, three out of four guys would at least consider using a method that required them to take a pill every day or required an injection in the arm every few months. And more than half were willing to consider a method that included hormones to decrease sperm production.

With the above evaluation, we would like to know your thoughts in the comment section: “Would you use a male birth control pill?


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