More than Ever Before Women are Investing Through Crowdfunding


FundedByMe aims to highlight that women are highly involved in the financial world, every day of the year. In 2017, women accounted for 27% of the accumulated capital invested for entrepreneurs through FundedByMe. The corresponding number for January and February in 2018 shows an increase of 32% being invested by women.

FundedByMe also sees that over 45% of all transactions for the entire period mentioned were made by women, which means that they invest almost as often in unlisted companies as men, but with smaller amounts each time.

The traditional financial industry is continuously wrestling with gloomy figures, where women are underrepresented, both as investors and entrepreneurs. DI Digital recently published an article that once again confirmed the trend that 1% of traditional investment capital went to female entrepreneurs. Earlier surveys also show that the success rate among female entrepreneurs crowdfunding through FundedByMe is higher than their male counterpart.

“We originally built FundedByMe to ensure that good entrepreneurs, who are not necessarily stereotypes such as women, would also have access to a stable and healthy source of funding. What drives me forward is mainly when I see that my daughter, despite being born in one of the world’s most modernised countries, will not have the same access to capital if she chooses to become an entrepreneur. ” Daniel Daboczy, co-founder and CEO FundedByMe said.

Female entrepreneurs attract female investors.

FundedByMe sees a direct reflection in the proportion of female investors who register as members on FundedByMe’s platform when female entrepreneurs publish their campaigns.

69% female investors in Paradiset

For some of FundedByMe’s successful crowdfunding campaigns women have invested and become the majority. Johannes Cullberg, founder of the Paradiset Food Market, commented on the results of his crowdfunding campaign “I can announce that in Paradiset we have 69% female owners. / proud minority. “

“We see that women invest more heavily than previously in unlisted companies. By 2016, 22% of investors were women and by 2017, it has grown to be 27% of investors. Our goal is to irrespective of gender, engage all Swedes to look at unlisted companies as the gold mine that could potentially be. For both entrepreneurs and investors, nationally and internationally. ” says Michaela Berglund, newly appointed CMO at FundedByMe.

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