Miva Gets Online University License

Miva Achieved An Online University License

Sim Shagaya, the founder of uLesson, an edtech startup, has announced that he has been granted an online university license by the National Universities Commission (NUC). This is in line with uLesson’s plan to expand beyond K-12 into providing open-distance tertiary education.

The online university, now called Miva Open University, will commence offering degrees in computing and management courses such as: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Accounting, Economics, Business Management, Public Policy & Administration, Data Science and Cybersecurity before expanding to other fields.

Shagaya tweeted their entry into the university education market is timely due to the need for high-quality, reasonably priced postsecondary education is greater now than ever. He reaffirms their dedication to innovation, cost, efficacy, convenience, and accessibility as well.

In contrast to the K-12 approach, which only offers regionally relevant information to augment traditional school teachings, uLesson now known as Miva Open University is now delivering fully-licensed degrees. Shagaya has always been outspoken about his commitment to provide comprehensive education.

Shagaya, who has been in charge of uLesson since 2019, says that his goal is to make it the biggest platform for bringing together the best media, education, and technological resources to enhance educational outcomes in Africa. “In the years to come, I want to hear uLesson users talk about how we fundamentally changed their attitudes toward learning and motivated them to pursue endeavors that they otherwise would not have done,” he said.

Only around one in four Nigerians who apply to universities each year are accepted. For those who do, the university experience is marked by, among other things, out-of-date curricula, low teacher-to-student ratios, and subpar infrastructure facilities.

For young individuals who want to work in industries like technology, this has made it essential that they obtain their education from other sources, most frequently via online resources.

With more than two million app downloads, uLesson the largest and most well-funded edtech firm in the nation has been able to gain the confidence and support of parents and instructors. Shagaya wants to apply everything they’ve learned from working with K–12 students to higher education. By giving young Africans the necessary education and credentials, Miva Open University will satisfy the expanding need for talent with ICT capabilities such as data science, software engineering, and cybersecurity.

According to Shagaya, “The mission of Miva Open University is to provide accessible, high-quality education that supports our students’ success in the digital marketplace.”

AltSchool Africa, a Nigerian edtech company that offers credentials in computer science and engineering after a year of study, would be one of their rivals on this path. To expand its operations, it raised $1 million in 2022.

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