How to Promote Your Ramadan Deals On Instagram

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Ramadan is a time of generosity. From filled iftar tables to gifts of goodwill, the global Muslim community partakes in more giving and taking than perhaps at any other time of the year. And as any good business practice goes, organizations take Ramadan as an opportunity to bank on their sales, introducing deals upon deals in an attempt to profit from this month.

But with so much competition in the air, simple deals aren’t going to cut it – it’s marketing and promotion that’s going to seal the winning deal. And what better way to put forward your marketing campaigns and ideas than with one of the globe’s leading social media platforms?

Yes, I’m talking about Instagram! From image-sharing to forming mass followings, Instagram has all the elements needed for successful business promotion, and I’m going to let you in on all of my secrets!

Here are my top tips for promoting your Ramadan deals on Instagram:

Commemorate the Month!

While your Ramadan deals will not only be availed by the Muslim community, there’s no doubt that they will be one of the main targets of your marketing campaigns. And the best way for them to pull your way is to associate your brand with the auspicious month of Ramadan.

Start by wishing the Muslim community a happy Ramadan through your Instagram profile – make sure to keep tabs so you put out a post right at the beginning. Continue by centering your Instagram content around Ramadan themes, engaging the Muslim community with your brand.

As your business commemorates the holy month, people will start to develop an affiliation between Ramadan and your brand, helping drive their attention towards their Ramadan deals. And of course, the celebration is also likely to feature you in publications and news of businesses and Ramadan, further placing you – and your Ramadan deals – in the spotlight!

Captivate with the Posts!

Of course, if we’re talking about Instagram promotion then the number one way to get your Ramadan deals out there and talked about is through some well-designed, captivating posts.

An image-sharing platform, Instagram operates on visuals, and the more stunning your visuals the more highly you’re likely to perform. Make use of tools such as PosterMyWall by utilizing their Ramadan poster templates to get the word out about your Ramadan deals.

With dozens of designs to choose from, PosterMyWall’s Ramadan poster templates make your life easier by giving you a headstart on your Instagram game. Edit and tweak to your heart’s content, all without spending dollars that will leave your budget tipping. And the best part? PosterMyWall is so easy to use that you don’t even need a graphic designer – you can create stunning posts all by yourself!

So, keep churning out the posts on your Ramadan deals, and make sure to drive up engagement with SEO-optimized captions and trending hashtags to maximize views. Soon, the deals will be booming and you’ll be running to keep the shelves filled!

Collaborate to Succeed!

Two ideas are better than one, right? Or maybe even three or four? Well, I certainly think so – which is why one of the best ways to promote your Ramadan deals on Instagram is through influencer campaigns.

Not only will influencer partnerships open up your brand to a whole new audience, but they’ll also add credibility to your offerings when your products or services are portrayed in a positive light by an online personality.

Collaborate with influencers to offer special discounts or extra items for their followers, host giveaways for your Ramadan deals, or even to create Ramadan-centred content by working with Muslim content creators.

Be careful and put in thought when choosing influencers to work with as their following needs to consist of an audience that could fall into your product or service’s potential target market. And of course, it goes without saying that there is a need to opt for inclusive, Muslim-friendly influencers given the nature of your promotion. And be sure to agree on terms of partnership beforehand!

So, with these Instagram tips and tricks in your hand, you can set about promoting your Ramadan deals and ideas through marketing campaigns that will wow. Buckle up, because your business is about to take a serious boost!

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