Air Peace Buys New Planes Days After Crash Scare

Air Peace Buys New Planes Days After Crash Scare

Air Peace has taken the delivery of its newly-purchased planes days after a passenger narrated how the airline’s Lagos–Abuja bound flight nearly crashed.

Multiple reports claimed that on Thursday, September 15, 2022, the Air Peace flight travelling from Lagos to Abuja had a crash scare as it neared its destination – Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport.

The 6:30 am Air Peace Flight P47120 going from Lagos to Abuja, according to the passenger, nearly crashed in a forest area in Niger State before pulling up again.

Detailing his experience, the eyewitness said the flight which was delayed for about 30 minutes took off from Lagos. However, shortly before its arrival in Abuja, it descended rapidly into a forest area in Niger State. Although the pilot was able to control the situation and pull up, a development that was said might have averted a possible crash.

“This flight was scary for passengers who thought they were crashing. The flight took off from Lagos and had a 30 minutes delay. But suddenly, 30 minutes before arrival, it descended rapidly into an area in Niger state.

“Passengers saw trees close to the plane because the plane was that low but suddenly, the pilot pulled up. We had another harrowing flight before landing in Abuja.

“The plane ought to have returned to Lagos to take a fresh set of passengers but the passengers did not leave Abuja until 4 pm,” the eyewitness was quoted as saying.

However, in a statement cited by BizWatch Nigeria, Air Peace said that the newly-purchased planes will help its domestic and regional operations, as it reiterated its commitment to customers’ satisfaction.

“We’ve just received two Airbus 320 aircraft to help us in boosting our domestic and regional operations, as we provide more connections for you. Air Peace is committed to offering you peaceful connectivity,” the statement read.


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