Elite Solar Smart Kiosk: Helping MSMEs Overcome Power Challenges In Nigeria

Elite solar kiosk
Elite solar kiosk

Electricity is one of the major necessities in Nigeria and the world. This makes it a sector of much scrutiny. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7 seeks to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy.

In Nigeria, the supply of electricity is irregular and lower than the demand. There are cases of blackouts, and power grid collapse; throwing the nation into an urgency to review its electricity policies.

The lack of power supply poses a risk to businesses and the nation as it discourages investors and causes hardship for the residents.

As a result, solar power is becoming increasingly important in Nigeria, as the energy consumption is getting higher due to the population growth, urbanisation and today’s energy-dependent society and industry. A much more preferable option than generators or kerosene!

Elite Solar Smart Kiosk – One-Stop Solution

Elite Solar Smart Kiosk is a one-stop, multi-user, quick-build, easily deployable, modularly- fabricated SME vending unit, fully powered by renewable clean solar energy, which provides a smart, inclusive, and data-driven modular platform for standardising and coordinating sustainable street and community-level retail activities for Nigerian youths, women-owned SMEs, and persons with disabilities.

According to David Adesanya, CEO/MD, Elite Logistics And Development Services Limited, “Africa needs formalised sustainable infrastructure at street and community level, standardised around convenient, safe, and secure environments for retail-facing sale and access to affordable and available Services.

“The conceptualization, design and birth of the ELITE SOLAR SMART KIOSK by Elite Logistics And Development Services Limited are based on a strong social responsibility conscience, and are focused on redefining the present narrative of under employment and below par subsistence of Africa.”

Why you should consider Elite Solar Smart Kiosk

Elite Kiosk is 100 % local content, which provides innovative products with high practical benefits that are also visually appealing.

Sam Ejiwunmi, the Chief Engagement Officer for the company adds “Not only that, there is a unique synergy with local fabricator Engineering that enables the realisation of highly creative, sophisticated and application-specific products – the perfect solution to the business hub, especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).”

Other benefits include;

• Supports your core business by increasing access to your products

• Enhances Brand loyalty.

• Accelerates roll out of stores for decentralised sales of your products and services even in the most remote areas.

• Provides a highly visible, secure and professional branded point of sale.

• A sales point for your products – A retail kiosk

• Can help bring Wi-Fi connectivity to rural areas to add additional services and improve income streams.

• Keep mobile phones charged

• Perfectly adapted for a mobile phone charging station

• Can be equipped with Solar TV, Fridge if required.

Four Businesses For Deployment Of Elite Solar Smart Kiosks

Exhibitions and vendor stand

Employ the ELITE SOLAR SMART KIOSK to guarantee optimum exposure. of Various Exhibition events, Such as food fairs, ICT fairs, Art exhibitions, symposiums etc

ICT booths

Accessibility to I.C.T services ranging from quick mobile phone charging centres, phone and laptop sales/maintenance, sales of I.C.T accessories operation of business centres and cyber cafe etc.,

Agency banking

ELITE SOLAR SMART KIOSK possesses all the necessary attributes to provide these. Hence, it can serve for Bill payment, funds transfer P.O.S services, account opening and validation, other banking services, etc., in rural and urban centres.

Mobile, quick and healthy testing centre

Complimenting the services of conventional healthcare facilities, the Elite Solar Smart Kiosk can be utilised in First aid community healthcare and as COVID-19, Lassa Fever, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, and Malaria Test centres.

Elite solar smart kiosks harnesses mobility and comfortability, bringing to MSMEs a simple luxurious opportunity to get closer to their customers regardless of the challenges.

This emerging technology is a key driver for business growth while awaiting an improvement in electricity policies and infrastructure.

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