Building Management Made Easy with Intelligent Automation – PPC

PPC Limited, Nigeria’s leading engineering and infrastructure development company, says the management and regular maintenance of multi-story buildings can be made seamless with the intelligent automation of the building systems.

Head of Building Services Engineering Division at PPC, Mr. Anand Kumar, in a statement on Tuesday, said there is growing popularity and desire for user-friendly building designs that incorporate technology for efficiency.

The ability of facility managers to monitor multiple systems, including HVAC, power, fire, lighting, security and plumbing systems in order to solve inefficiency and inconsistency in the building systems, will optimize building management, he added.

He said, “Technology has become an indispensable part of modern building projects. This is because there are benefits to leveraging technology in making building systems more efficient.

“The integration of digital capabilities like the Internet of ​T​hings​ (IoT)​ into plumbing, electricity and HVAC systems will help to minimize energy and water​ wastage, which directly adds to the cost savings and quicker ROI from the facilities and at the same time improves the level of comfort of occupants.

“Hospitals, hotels and offices are beginning to see the need for intelligent control technologies that allow them to gain insights on how to be efficient, improve processes and productivity, lower cost and create a safe environment for building users.

“The intelligent control systems will ensure that the heating and cooling of the rooms are done only when needed, enhancing the quality of the environment and reducing the carbon footprint in the building.

“IoT sensors can be installed in offices, industrial and hospitality buildings; ​ and are particularly useful in minimizing energy bills as they monitor and control the energy usage of mechanical and electrical equipment.”

A report by the Data Bridge Market Research has predicted that the global Building Management System market valued at $14.10 billion in 2021 is expected to reach $51.73​ billion in the next 7 years due to rising economic growth as well as an increase in the awareness and need for improved quality of life with the help of modern energy services.

According to Kumar, new building projects require more security driven by technology to improve identification and access control, and for better surveillance.

He emphasized that property owners and managers can make an informed decision with the data generated from integrated building systems that will help them meet the comfort, enhanced safety and agreed services for their tenants.

PPC Building Services Engineering division has over the years developed strong expertise in the design, installation, monitoring and management of mechanical, electrical and safety systems in high-rise buildings while ensuring their interoperability and optimal functionality.

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