Arla Foods Adds 216 Cows To Increase Milk Production

Arla Foods

216 Danish Holstein cows have been delivered to the Kaduna dairy farm of Arla Foods, the company that produces Dano Milk.

According to a statement, this will influence how dairy is used in Nigeria in the future.

The 216 Holstein-Friesian cows have arrived at the farm, according to Dr. Jimmy Johnmark, ArlaFarm Manager.

Johnmark observed that when compared to the regional breeds, the Holstein-Friesian breed had a significantly greater predicted yield per cow.

He revealed that the cows, which were obtained directly from Arla’s farmer proprietors, just arrived at the Mallam Aminu Kano Airport in Kano, Nigeria after traveling by plane from Europe.

The cows were then driven to the farm in unique trucks that were customized for their utmost comfort, it was written. Before the farm’s expected official commissioning later this month, the cows have arrived in Nigeria.

We are thrilled to inform you that Arla Farm is prepared to start milk production to support local dairy.

He noted that milk production on the farm was anticipated to begin in the third quarter of 2023 and added that the heifers had now adapted to the farm and were feeling at home there.

“Arla Farm, located in Kaduna State, is an advanced commercial dairy farm that was established by Arla Foods to serve as a model for productive and sustainable dairy farming in Nigeria,” the statement read.

One of Arla’s investments in Nigeria’s dairy industry and a move toward backward integration in Nigeria is the farm development project, which will get underway in 2021.

Mr. Snorri Sigurdsson, Senior Manager, Raw Milk Supply and Production, said that the 1,000 animals that could be housed at the ultra-modern Arla Farm, which had a land area of 400Ha, included 400 milking cows. It would have cutting-edge equipment for the best animal comfort and milk production.

According to him, Arla Farm was created as a model for effective and sustainable dairy farming in Nigeria.

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