Alpha And Jam Unveils Massive Billboard At MMA2

Alpha and Jam Unveils Massive Billboard At MMA2

The Maslow Billboard, the largest digital outdoor advertising screen in the world, has been revealed by an advertising firm at Lagos’ Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two.

The Maslow Billboard, according to Alpha and Jam, is not only the biggest outdoor digital billboard in the world but also the first Truecorner LED screen in West, East, and Central Africa.

According to Samuel Ajiboye, the Chief Executive Officer of Alpha and Jam, The Maslow Billboard is also the biggest 3D digital billboard in Africa, outstripping even the renowned indoor display in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The jubilant Samuel said during the unveiling that “this is so because the world’s largest 3D digital billboard in Dubai, UAE, was installed indoors, making ours the largest outdoor screen in the world.”

The company said that The Maslow, with a display area of 800 square meters, would draw at least 800,000 people each day, including both walkers and drivers.

It further stated that the visibility covers both inbound and departing traffic from both domestic and foreign airports, with 36,000 vehicles passing by on average each day for a 35-minute dwell time.

It states that the billboard runs for 19 hours each day and offers a brand 24 seconds of display time.

The launch of the 3D digital billboard will improve advertising and marketing in the nation, Samuel continued to explain the idea behind the creative invention. On the continent, Alpha And Jam is revolutionizing how out-of-home advertising campaigns are carried out. We will continue to support immersive digital out-of-home marketing across Africa as part of our mission.

“The debut of The Maslow is proof of our dedication to innovation and giving our customers value. It can accept any format and provides a clear view from more than 800 meters away, making it the largest 3D billboard in Africa. Its stunning presence is ready to establish itself as a notable monument in Nigeria.

Oluwatosin Onalaja, BASL’s Head of Corporate Communications, emphasized the significance of brand visibility and distinction in gaining audience acceptance, patronage, and loyalty.

He emphasized the possibility The Maslow Billboard at the MMA2 Terminal gave to Nigerian corporate groups.

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