Nigerians Rank Among 25% World’s Population to Dwell in Urban Slums

A report released by a global assessment firm, Builders of Hope, has revealed that Nigeria ranks high in the 25 percent world’s population, expected to live in urban slums by the year 2030.
According to the report, the challenge would be due to housing shortage for middle- and lowincome individuals in emerging market cities.
The report read in part:”The most extreme example is Nigeria, where a 17-million unit housing gap exists, growing at a rate of 780,000 units annually. Enormous back logs also exist across Africa to include Kenya, which has a shortfall of over 2 million housing units.”

Under the leadership of Arch. Ronald Omyonga, a Kenyan, the Builders of Hope said it is taking its experience to bear in African continent, aimed at addressing the noticeable shortfalls. ‘’We are employing our tool bag strategy of innovative public/private partnerships, energy efficient, sustainable, building techniques and new technologies and applications to address housing issues in Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and the rest of Africa’’, Omyonga stated. He said, his firm had begun to expand its operations in Africa to close the housing gap on the continent.

Former staff of Habitat Community, Omyonga developed an innovative solution for waste management, clean water and localized habitat innovations as well as initiator of iBUILD mobile application. ‘’We have already begun five programmes and established formal relationships with Kenyan National Construction Authority, the Kenyan National Housing Corporation, Master- Card Innovation Lab, IBM On- Demand Community, as well as Shelter Afrique among others.

‘’By creating balanced affordable housing development projects for families in this demographic group, we believe we can better scale and enable market forces to manage future development. Most importantly, we view ourselves as a catalyst for establishing new market dynamics that pivot trends in income inequality and allow for the scaling of safe affordable housing that provides the opportunity for families to drastically improve the quality of their live’’, he added.

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