‘You Make Our Network’: Interesting Highlights From MTN Customer Service Week 2023

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MTN Nigeria recently wrapped up its annual Customer Service Week, and it was nothing short of spectacular. With the theme “You Make Our Network,” this week-long celebration was dedicated to the backbone of MTN – its valued customers.

Among the highlights were a surprise visit by Karl Toriola, CEO of MTN Nigeria, to the MTN Customer Service Centre (Y’ello City), and an exhilarating ‘Who Wants to Be a Winner’ game that saw MTN staff win amazing prizes..’ Let’s dive into the unforgettable moments and the significance of this special week.

A Surprise Visit from  Karl Toriola, CEO, MTN Nigeria

One of the most memorable moments of this year’s Customer Service Week was the unannounced visit by Karl Toriola, the Chief Executive Officer of MTN Nigeria, to the Y’ello City Customer Care Centre. The atmosphere was electric as he walked in, bringing with him an aura of excitement and anticipation. He had an array of mouthwatering gifts in tow, which he generously distributed to delighted customers through a raffle draw system.

Gifts included high-end smartphones, premium headsets, stationery sets, and many more fabulous prizes. The spontaneous generosity of the CEO left customers overjoyed and created a strong bond between the company and its loyal patrons. This gesture not only demonstrated MTN’s appreciation for its customers but also showcased its commitment to enhancing their experience.

‘Who Wants to Be a Winner’ – MTN Staff Game

Customer Service Week wasn’t just about engaging with external customers; it also provided an opportunity for the business to celebrate its internal customers, the staff and reward them with fantastic prizes. Employees participated in a question-and-answer styled game, similar to the popular television show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” which was sponsored by the tech giant for over 10 years.”

The questions were designed to challenge the staff’s knowledge with each becoming more difficult than the last, and as the questions got harder, the prize money increased. The enthusiasm was palpable as the staff members eagerly answered questions in the hopes of winning enticing cash prizes and other rewards. This initiative not only created a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition among employees but also recognized and rewarded their dedication to excellent customer service.

Heartwarming Message from Karl Toriola

In addition to the surprises and games, the MTN Nigeria CEO, Karl Toriola, sent a heartwarming message to Telco’s 70 million-plus customers where he expressed his deep appreciation for their unwavering loyalty and support over the years. This personal touch from the CEO himself resonated with customers, making them feel truly valued.

Other interesting activities that happened during the Customer Service Week include a treasure hunt on myMTN App, special recognition for exceptional customers, and heartwarming visitations by MTN representatives to select customers. MTN has also crafted captivating puzzles and quizzes that tested customers’ wits while offering the opportunity to win amazing prizes.

As MTN Nigeria continues to innovate and improve its services, it is clear that it remains dedicated to putting customers at the heart of its business. Customer Service Week served as a reminder of this commitment and highlighted the strong bond between MTN and its valued customers.

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