Where To Buy Car And Pay In Instalments In Nigeria

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It is no secret that buying a car in Nigeria is almost always comes at a premium price. But If you are wondering where to buy cars and pay in instalments in Nigeria, wonder no more.

In this post, we will be sharing with you a few tips on where to look to get that service you seek.

Before you venture out to purchase that car, there are a million and one things that you would need to consider.

However, sitting atop the list of things is your budget. You would need to know how much you can set aside to buy that car you desire.

Here are places where you can buy cars and pay in installments in Nigeria.

Affordable Cars

Affordable Cars provides its car instalments service through EASYPAY, a service that has the backing of banks, allowing individuals to buy cars and pay in instalments.

All you are required to do is put down a 20 per cent – 30 per cent deposit. After that, you will spread the rest of the payment through a period of 12 – 48 months with interest at the available lending rate.

Banks that support the scheme are First Bank, FCMB, WEMA Bank, Fidelity Bank, and other approved leasing companies.


You may not know this, but Cars45 not only sells used cars, but it also allows buyers to pay in installments.

Payment is spread over a period of 12 months, and the interest rate it attracts is as low as 1.25 percent.

Those eligible to apply are salary earners and registered business owners.

You can apply for this service through this link


This platform allows both salary earners and “structured business owners” in Nigeria to buy Tokunbo (second-hand) cars and pay over a 12-24-month period.

Betacar wants to ensure that those interested in buying a car in Nigeria can get access to it with ease.

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Creditville Limited Cab Lease

This is for Nigerians who want to get a car and use it for services like Uber, Bolt, etc.

Creditville allows customers to access car loans and auto finance products to start their cab business with a token security deposit.

Once you have put down the security deposit, you will be able to access their wide range of “certified” Tokunbo vehicles for use within Lagos State.

Creditville also provides you with an installment payment for cars. And if you meet the terms and conditions stipulated by the company, you will get your car within 24 hours.


Not very popular but this is another platform that can assist you in getting that car with ease.

Pukena circumvents the traditional route of acquiring a car through its flexible payment method.

How does it work? You begin by making a one-time start payment on your preferred car, followed by a “low weekly payment for as long as” you are in possession of the vehicle.

You also have the “freedom to walk away at anytime”.

The start payment is N150,000, while you pay up the rest of the money throughout a 12-month period.

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First Bank Nigeria

Wondering what First Bank is doing on the list? Well, it may be a financial institution but it also provides a car loan service that will assist you in buying that car of your choice.

With the bank’s car loan service, you can get up to N15 million with up to 48 months payment option.

The interest rate is quite high, set at 22 percent.

It is required that the car must be new and from a FirstBank-approved vendor.


This is another car dealer that allows you to pay for a car in instalments.

Cheki has a Cheki Finance service that supports your desire to buy a car of your choosing.

With this service, you will be able to pay for the purchased car in instalments.

You can access new cars, Nigerian-used cars, or Tokunbo, all available on the Cheki platform.

The process is a quick one and you can get your car within 3 days, once all agreements are concluded.

You can put down a 50 percent deposit upfront and pay the rest over a period of 12 months.

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