Cuppy’s Lawyers Tell Davido’s Aide To Tender Public Apologize

Cuppy's Lawyers Tell Davido's Aide To Tender Public Apologize

The dispute in popular disc jockey, Florence Otedola fondly referred to as DJ Cuppy and Davido’s aide, Israel Afeare, has taken a new dimension.

Cuppy’s lawyers, Babajide Koku & Co., wrote to Afeare demanding a public apology over his libelous statements against the female DJ.

Last month, via an Instagram post, Afeare who claims to be Davido’s personal logistics manager, alleged that despite the commercial success of the 2019 hit song, Gelato, by DJ Cuppy and Zlatan, the disc jockey did not compensate Zlatan.

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He wrote, “Kudos to someone like Zlatan, who took a bold step by flushing a full fake friend like Cuppy who was just using his head all in the name of my papa na Otedola.

Zlatan did a hit collabo with her, ordinary one kobo, he no see. She also took Zlatan to Abuja for her fundraising where she made billions of naira and didn’t even remember Zee for one kobo until tomorrow.

No accommodation, no feeding. Zlatan had to even spend his own personal money at Transcorp Hilton to carter for everyone including me. Dis na 2021 abeg.”

In response to his allegations, DJ Cuppy informed Afeare that he would hear from her lawyers. True to her words, the disc jockey’s lawyers have sent Afeare a letter with some demands based on his allegations against Cuppy.

In the letter dated February 10, 2021, it is stated that there was no contractual breach between both singers.

Part of the letter reads, “It is crucial to state that there are legal contracts that govern the relationship between our Client and Mr Zlatan Ibile; said contracts which very fairly and adequately cover the financial compensation of both artists, neither our Client nor Mr Zlatan Ibile have breached their contractual obligations in any way.

The allegations in the statements made by you are completely untrue and constitute a grave libel upon our Client.”

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The letter further states its demands which are to be met by Afeare before seven days.

“We, therefore, write to demand that you immediately cease and desist from all libellous and defamatory statements of our Client, her business and her brand.

“Furthermore, we demand that within seven days of receipt of this letter; (i) You write a letter to be shared with the public containing a suitable withdrawal and apology in terms to be approved by us on our Clients behalf. (ii) You provide us with your full assurance and an undertaking in writing that you will cease and desist from repeating the publication of those or similar allegation concerning our client.”

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