VConnect Redesigns Website

VConnect Redesigns Website

Vconnect, a search engine for local businesses in Nigeria, had redesigned its website to focus on improved business discovery and engagement.

The company has redesigned core components on the website and added some more features. All these,is believed, will make it easier for people to find, connect with, and buy from the 1.2 million business on our network.

The overall design is now simpler and more functional.

Our goal is to provide complete information that helps users to find and connect with businesses that are right for them. VConnect isn’t just a business search engine; it’s a discovery and engagement platform,” says  VConnect Founder, and General Manager, Deepankar Rustagi.

He further said: “This redesign is our best attempt yet at making that possible. With our businesses lists feature, users can find the best businesses for them through a crowd insight. They can also go ahead and transact with those companies if they want.”

The new search bar is set against beautiful city scapes across Nigeria. VConnect also introduces business lists, a curation tool which helps people recommend the best or most relevant businesses in a category. The review engine has also been updated to serve users adaptive content that eases the process of leaving reviews on businesses they visit.

“We are excited about this,” says VConnect’s Product Manager, Ramanathan Solayappan. “This redesign doesn’t just provide the best user-experience in the history of VConnect, the new functionalities mean users can access information in an easy, relatable and deeply human way. We’ve stripped away the non-essentials to leave only the most relevant, distraction-free experience for our users.”


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