US Army Tries To Recruit Iraq Ears

US Army

The US army is trying to recruit former collaborators of the Islamic State to gather information about the Popular Mobilization Forces (Hashed al-Shaabi), of Iraq, the website Al Maalomah posted on Tuesday.

According to reports, based on anonymous sources, the Pentagon carries out espionage work in the province of Al Anbar, in western Iraq.

The U.S. soldiers tries to counteract the failure of their intervention and subsequent occupation of the Arab country, whose parliament is preparing a motion to force them to leave the territory.

The Fatah and Sarun alliance blocs collected more than 70 signatures among legislators to present a bill calling for the expulsion of the Americans.

The sources, who voiced their anonymity, said that the United States wants to turn into agents the inhabitants of the tribal areas of Al Anbar who, previously, had links with the Islamic State.

According to reports, U.S. troops made threats against the tribal sheikhs to force them to collaborate.

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