Samsung to Make Major Changes with Galaxy S10 to its Product Line

Samsung Galaxy S10

SAMSUNG’s Galaxy S10 flagship is going to look very different to the Galaxy S9 when it presumably releases next year, the CEO of the firm’s mobile division has confirmed.

Galaxy S10 is highly-anticipated and is expected to deliver a host of radical changes to the product line.

The Android device has been rumoured to arrive in three variants next year.

The first is expected to be called the Galaxy S10 and deliver a screen with incredible levels of clarity.

However a second device is presumed to be called the Galaxy S10+ and feature an OLED panel over 6-inches.

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But a third S10 piece of hardware has been rumoured that will forgo some premium features in order to deliver a price tag that is more affordable.

It has also been suggested the most premium model of the Galaxy S10 could come with a triple-camera setup.

And a recent report from The Investor claimed all three flagships will tout a fingerprint sensor under the display.

Such a move would negate the need for a rear-mounted scanner.

The publication, citing an “industry source”, made the claims but explained the two more premium variants of the Galaxy S10 would come with an ultrasonic in-screen reader while the third model would boast an optical sensor.

The insider noted: “The two high-end Galaxy S models will come fitted with an ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint scanner while the other one will house an optical fingerprint sensor beneath the screen.”

Ultrasonic has the benefits of being more accurate and secure than optical technology.

But now DJ Koh, the CEO of Samsung’s mobile division, has confirmed the S10 will look very different to the S9 when it releases.

Notable leaker Ice Universe recently sat down with Koh where the latter reportedly insisted the Galaxy S10 will have a “very significant change in appearance”.

Quoting from the boss, Ice Universe added: “And there will be very amazing colours.”

Despite providing such tantalising details about the Galaxy S10, it was not discussed what might be added to the flagship to differentiate it from the S9 and S9+.

In addition to the Galaxy S10, Samsung has also been heavily rumoured to be planning the launch of a foldable smartphone next year.

However, we did admit it was more of an iterative upgrade from the Galaxy S8 that introduced an all-screen design to the product line.

Galaxy S9 was more of an iterative upgrade from the Galaxy S8

This new phone keeps Samsung’s iconic curved design and appears almost identical to the previous generation Galaxy S8+.

“In fact, the only big difference comes in the form of the new dual-lens camera and repositioning of the fingerprint scanner which, thankfully, has now been placed slap-bang in centre of the device making it far easier to use.”

Samsung typically announces the next generation of its S line of phones in February and the Galaxy S10 is expected to follow this tradition.

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