Press Release Distribution: A Cost-Effective Brand Exposure Strategy for Small Businesses

Press Release Distribution: A Cost-Effective Brand Exposure Strategy for Small Businesses

Brand promotion is an end with so many means and press release distribution is an effective way to achieve that. The internet has made using press release distribution services an easy strategy to adapt as the cost is now more affordable compared with many providers providing optimization features as well.

Using a press release distribution service is a no brainer if you want to gain instant media exposure and you can do this around almost any topic or newsworthy event like launching a new website or hiring a new manager, this means small business owners can always have a news-worthy story to share.

People connect more with brands they know when trying to make a purchase online. Big businesses have a deep pocket to splash their name everywhere. A good example is the Super Bowl ads that cost businesses over $3m for a one-minute ad.

The Smart business owner can use press release distribution services like NewswireJet’s newswire service to do things differently, give their brand a great deal of authority when featured on top media sites, dominate the search engine and convert more prospects into customers.

How To Submit A Press Release

Submitting your press release is a simple process. The first step is always writing the copy and know what to focus on. If you know how to write a press release, you can do that yourself, saving some extra cash in your pocket. If you want to save your time and focus on other areas of your business, you need to hire a press release writer who can help turn your idea into a powerful press release copy.

When you are done with your press release copy, the next step is to find a suitable press release distribution service provider, place your order with them, submit your press release copy, await the approval, and wait to see your news all over the web.

Improving Brand Authority Without Breaking the Bank

What comes to mind when you hear about strong brands like Coca-Cola? Trust and confidence in what they do. Small business owners often struggle to get to this level and the reason is not far-fetched; the cost that comes with it.

According to Taboola, brand awareness is the first step to driving performance-marketing goals such as leads and sales. When people are more aware of your brand, especially by targeting highly relevant audiences, you will increase your chances of generating conversions and dominate your market.

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As a small business owner, you can publish a press release about your new branch opening. Now, when a potential client searches online for your business and they see your event published by Marketwatch.com for example, it solidifies trust. The client is likely going to take the next step which is spending money with a trusted brand.

Hacking Your Way To Cheap Re-Marketing and SERP Ranking

If you are trying to get visibility for a keyword that is difficult to rank with your website due to poor authority, you can leverage on existing authority of media sites. Publish content targeting those keywords, and just like that visitors can click on the media site, see your link on the page, visit your website, and that gives you a visitor who can be retargeted or converted right away.

If you have added Facebook Pixel or Google Tag Manager to your website, you can retarget the visitors to your website, promoting your products and services. Since the visitors locate your website while searching for a keyword of interest to them, they are going to convert more than any other type of traffic.

Retargeting ads are cheap compared to CPC on Google or Facebook. Using this strategy means you can reduce your marketing budget and use excess cash on other areas of your business.

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