How Logitech Is Making Remote Working Easier For Nigerians Through Its Suite Of Products

Logitech strives to empower people to do their work the best way they can, from wherever they are. Focused on innovation and quality, the company designs products and experiences that have a place in people's everyday lives.

With the price of diesel passing the seven-hundred-naira mark in a country in which the power supply is epileptic, it is just a matter of time before many more companies adopt remote working as a cost-cutting measure.

The ongoing road construction, especially in a city like Lagos, is further adding to the number of hours workers have to spend commuting to and from work, especially in a city notorious for traffic.

Combine the diesel soaring prices and increasing commute time to the COVID-19 pandemic which has prevailed for two years and it is safe to assume that remote working is here to stay. However, a major hindrance to effective remote working has always been the availability of gadgets and tools for work.

Employers readily provide these tools to be used at the office. But since working from home has become part of the new normal, ensuring that efficient work tools are available is a herculean task for many employees.

The new normal workspace, wherever that might be, has prompted organisations to identify tech gadgets that allow staff to deal with their workload more effectively.

From Laptops and their accessories to other gadgets, the functionality or otherwise, of these work tools can be the difference between productive, result-filled work and excuse prone, no results work!  

Logitech strives to empower people to do their work the best way they can, from wherever they are. Focused on innovation and quality, the company designs products and experiences that have a place in people’s everyday lives.

Theresa Relihan, Head of Marketing at Logitech Sub-Saharan Africa, says, “We understand that for many Nigerian companies, deploying remote work solutions at scale is new and can take time to perfect. Each of our products is designed with the customers in mind. We always focus on how people connect and interact in the digital world and ensure an efficient, unique, and meaningful experience.”

One of such products is the PEBBLE M350 WIRELESS MOUSE.

The Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse is light and comes in a smooth pebble shape which makes it nice to hold and easy to carry around with a hand-friendly feel like it was specifically designed to fit comfortably in your hands.  

It has a modern design that fits your style and is slim enough for you to take on the go, anywhere!

The ultra-quiet experience that comes with using the Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse ensures that both you and those around you are not bothered about the noisome sounds from using the average wireless mouse.

This device can be connected to a computer via Bluetooth® wireless technology or included USB receiver. You also do not have to worry about re-charge as it comes with 18-month battery life.

The Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse comes with a 3-year guarantee and full product support!

Another Logitech must-have product is the MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard.

This keyboard was creatively crafted for comfort, stability and precision and comes with Perfect-stroke keys that match the shape of your fingertips.

An outstanding feature of this keyboard is its smart illumination with hand-proximity detection which enables you to work at any time of the day.

With this keyboard, you can type on multiple computers in one fluid workflow as it has a dual layout for macOS and Windows and can, in fact, pair with up to three devices at a go!

This keyboard is USB-C rechargeable and once fully charged, it can last 10 days.

It comes with a 2-year guarantee and full product support.

One can also try the MK295 Silent Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo.

This product comes with full-size comfort with 8 convenient shortcuts keys.

With this combo, over 90% of keyboard and mouse noise is eliminated.

You can describe them as long-lasting as they come with a 36-month keyboard and 18-month mouse battery life.

It comes with a Plug-and-forget Nano USB Receiver with a 10-meter reliable wireless range.

And, of course, there is a 3-year guarantee and full product support on the combo!

“Long hours of remote work means that the products used to support your work-day should be productivity-efficient and deliver quality output,” concluded Relihan.

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