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Twitter Trend: Here’s Why There Is Dignity In Labour

Here's Why There Is Dignity In Labour

Hashtags #LabourChallenge and #DignityInLabour trended on social media, Twitter especially by the Nigerian youth. The Twitter users made the hashtags viral by showcasing their work and saying that ‘there is dignity in labour’.

BizWatch Nigeria understands that the trend was inspired by Peter Obi, Labour Party’s Presidential Candidate (for the upcoming 2023 election). It is safe to say Peter Obi is one of the most preferred candidates by the Nigerian youth.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu while campaigning for his party in Osun for Saturday’s governorship election, derided Labour Party as a “mushroom party,” saying its candidates and supporters will “labour till death.”

The trend was inspired by the Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi in response to a derogatory comment by Tinubu.

Peter obi said that “Labour people who are working hard have not been paid. Somebody said that they can labour till death. When they talk like that, when they show you hatred, Labour Party will show them love.”

Labour Party wants to move Nigeria from consumption to production. You cannot do production without labour, so there is dignity in labour, and those who have laboured will get their reward.”

Mr Obi’s “dignity in labour” response resonated widely with hordes of his online supporters who spared no time in creating “LabourChallenge”

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