Facebook Study Unveils Purchasing Habits Of Nigerians During Ramadan

Facebook Study Unveils Purchasing Habits Of Nigerians During Ramadan

A study conducted by Facebook IQ, Facebook’s insights and research division, in partnership with YouGov, a global public opinion and data company, has unveiled the spending habits of Nigerians during Ramadan fasting.

The company in a statement on Monday said the research was done to better understand the behaviours of people who observe Ramadan and who shop for this season.

Other areas explored by Facebook include people’s purchasing and media habits, the impact of COVID-19, the role of influencer content and how communities give back.

The study, according to the global tech company, was conducted during Ramadan 2020, with over 17,000 respondents across eleven countries, including Nigeria. 

It explained that approximately 1,500 interviews were completed with samples that were representative of the adult online population across age, gender and region in each market. 

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The research report identified tips forNigerianbrands and businesses by expressing their values, speaking authentically and standing up for causes they care about.

the research also shows that 77 percent of survey respondentsin Nigeriabecame more interested in a brand after learning about their business practices.

Facebook advised brands to leverage mobile entertainment and resources because the research showed that 52 per cent of survey respondents in Nigeria spend more time using their mobile during the season.

Among the Ramadan observing and shopping community surveyed in Nigeria, 58 percent agreed that public figures and celebrities influence their purchasing decisions.

According to the research, 67 per cent of survey respondentsin Nigeria spent more time shopping online during the Ramadan and Eid season because of COVID-19.

Facebook said this is an indication that on the average, shoppers in Nigeriaare three times more likely to feel safer using mobile to shop, compared to in store.

The research also indicated that in Nigeria, 67 percent of the respondents said they use Facebook platforms for inspiration, research and to discover new shopping ideas.

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