Break The Silence: Youth Voting In The 2023 Elections

As the highly-anticipated 2023 general elections are fast-approaching, there is an increase in the demand for youth participation in politics.

This is because, even though the much-clamored NotTooYoungToRun (NTYTR) law had already been passed, Nigeria’s political space is dominated by godfathers and the older generation, who in most cases favour their cronies at the detriment of nation-building.

All over the world, youths face a myriad of challenges, especially as it relates to securing opportunities for representations to decision-making bodies. In Africa, including Nigeria, it is worse -no thanks to the established system.

Even though the younger generation is more equipped, prepared, and knowledgeable in addressing the fast-moving issues of today, they are left out of key decision-making processes. To this length, a lot of Nigerian youth have lost hope in the country, such that they don’t want to participate in the electoral processes, particularly voting.

However, to bridge the fundamental disconnect between decision-makers and the youth, BizWatch Nigeria tagged its forthcoming sixth webinar edition -“Break the Silence: Youth Voting in the 2023 Elections”

The webinar which is scheduled to hold virtually via Twitter Space on Wednesday, June 29th, 2022, at 5:00 PM, is designed to engage political leaders and activists who would encourage the youth to actively participate in the forthcoming elections.

Amongst other things, participants of the webinar would be enlightened on the place of youth in nation-building, educate them on the importance of voting, and encourage and prepare them for leadership positions.

The webinar’s speakers have been smartly selected: they include –Rinu Oduala, a Nigerian human rights advocate and political activist, Joshua Ubeku, a human rights activist as well, and Yesuf Aisha, a Nigerian social-political activist.

Political Analyst and Social Commentator Alvin Afadama has likewise been billed to be the forthcoming event’s moderator.

Speaking on the programme, David Oputa, the Managing Editor of BizWatch Nigeria, stated that the upcoming webinar promises to be insightful and expository for participants.

“We’ve worked so hard to bring together people with quality experiences both in leadership and politics, and we believe this is something the youth and Nigerian populace at large can leverage for nation-building,” he added.

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