‘Attack On Igbos In Lagos Is Politically Inclined’ – Anya-ndi-Igbo

'Attack On Igbos In Lagos Is Politically Inclined' - Anya-ndi-Igbo

An Igbo social cultural group in Lagos State, Anya-ndi-Igbo, has lamented the alleged profiling of Igbo people in the state, which they claim has political inclinations.

The group also urged the state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, to put a stop to the attacks, arson, and murder of its citizens.

“Our kit-and-kin have been singled out and targeted for verbal abuses, intimidation, virulent propaganda, deliberate misrepresentation to Lagosians as everything evil, ferocious violent attacks, deliberate destruction of means of livelihood, arson and murder,” said Elder Uma Eleazu, Chairman of the group’s Board of Trustees.

“A few markets built and operated by traders of Igbo descent have been set on fire in Lagos, the latest being the motor spare parts market in the slums of Ajegunle where at least one person was murdered.

“A similar event took place in the Isolo/Ikotun area of Lagos where the selective destruction of shops and merchandise owned by Igbo traders was said to have been supervised by the very respected Royal father of the community, the Baale.

“These, two incidents, are in the public domain and we have heard of no action from the state and local government.”

“Igbos are Nigerians. The law of the land permits the Igbo man to live in any part of the country he chooses and pursue a legitimate livelihood.

“The law of the land permits and guarantees freedom of association, freedom to belong to any political party or none at all, and freedom to vote for any party of choice,” he added.

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