Are You A Student? Follow These Top 7 Tips To Settle In The UK

Are You A Student? Follow These Tips To Settle In UK

Arguably, the United Kingdom (UK) is a top-tier choice of destination for most Nigerians. For several reasons, the island nation in northwestern Europe offer quality education and standard of living when compared to the African most populous nation.

However, considering the fact that the education route is one of the less-difficult way of travelling to the UK from Nigeria, most people prefer to pursue their higher degree education there.

Applications into UK universities UK are as seamless as possible for Nigerian students. There are over 50 university options in the UK open to Nigerian students with a flexible payment structure. Nigerians also get to work and earn while studying as there is a 20hours/per week work permit for international students.

Another major advantage UK offers to Nigerians is that its immigration permits International students to travel in with their dependents (Spouses and Children only) who are also eligible to work full-time. 

These Tips Will Enable Your Settling In The UK

1. Get your Bbiometric Residence Permit (BRP). If you are a student, you can get this from your school or post office. Get your Student ID card. This is important to enjoy all the school benefits. Also, attend school registration and all freshers’ week activities. It really helps.

2. Open a bank account. Letter from school helps here but the old generation banks like Natwest and Barclays may need proof of address, so you may find it easier to open the new generation banks like Starling, Monzo and Revolut with your BRP, then you can open the old ones later.

3. Register for National Insurance Number. The Govt use this unique NI number to record your employment and tax. Some people will have their NI number on their BRP card. If you don’t, apply here.

4. Register with your local GP. You have already paid the health surcharge, so register with your local GP so you can enjoy all the health benefits. If you are a particular age, there are some tests they will do for you too

5. Get a Provisional Drivers License. A provisional license is a good means to show proof of address, particularly if you have not opened a bank account. It is also needed for you to take driving lessons before you go for your full driving test. There is a fee to get your provisional license. You can do it online or Post Office…

6. Register to vote. As a commonwealth citizen, you are allowed to vote in the UK. It also helps with credit score building.

7. If you live in London, Register for your Oystercard. You get a discount as a student.

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