2023 Election: Tinubu Vows To Campaign In Every State

6 Key Points From President Tinubu's Speech

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, said on Wednesday that he will take his campaign to every part of Nigeria.

Tinubu’s physical health has been the subject of speculation in recent months, as he prepares for a demanding campaign schedule.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, however, the former Lagos State Governor stated that he intends to take his presidential message to every part of the country.

“Today marks the official commencement of 2023 presidential election campaign activities across this country,” Tinubu said.

“I invite all Nigerians to join me and HE Senator Kashim Shettima on this exciting and important journey as we set our shared vision of Renewed Hope for the people of our dear country, Nigeria.

“We will, in the weeks and months ahead, be taking our dream of a functional, safe, secure and prosperous Nigeria to every part of Nigeria and and we will continue to put forward our plan to lead this country towards its best future.”

Tinubu noted that the nation “stands at a threshold of history” and that Nigerians “cannot afford to get this wrong.”

He said citizens must learn “from the mistakes of the past”.

“I am prepared and ready, with my running mate, to provide the leadership that will inspire out country to greater glory with new thinking, innovative ideas and vision,” Tinubu said.


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