10 Businesses N-Power Beneficiaries Can Start

Waiting for the monthly stipends from the federal government can be nerve-wracking because sometimes it delays. But an extra source of income could help reduce the financial burden, complementing the cash you receive, and that is why we will be sharing with you 10 businesses that N-Power beneficiaries can start.

Setting a goal of putting aside a minimum amount of money for a business can be a step towards starting that business.

Dependence on the government’s financial aid can be stressful on your mental health, as you exhaust the little you have even before it gets to you.

Businesses N-Power Beneficiaries Can start

Catfish Farming

This is one business that doesn’t require heavy sums of money to establish, and the benefits are attractive.

There are lots of bars and lounges that serve catfish to their customers,; once you harvest your catfish and you have an established relationship with the managers of these bars, you are good to go.


Laundry business, especially for newcomers, can be exhausting but worth it.

You could announce your business and collect people’s laundry: wash and iron.

And once you start to reap higher profits, you could invest in washing machines that will help make the process easier.

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You can never go wrong with this. This also depends on how well you brand your products, the quality, et al.

You want to make sure that you reach out to people who plan on hosting events where pastries will be served.

As an N-Power beneficiary, this is a business that you can plan towards starting, as it demands little startup capital.

Second-Hand Clothes

We call them okrika. They are delivered in bales. And this is where you come in.

Make plans on how many clothes you will like to get because as an N-Power beneficiary, you most likely do not have access to deep pockets.

Barbershop/Salon Business

With concrete planning, you can actualise plans for opening a barbershop or a hair salon.

To cut costs, you may not need to start out in a rented shop, all you need is a decent-enough space to provide your services.

Mini Importation

Buy sellable products for cheap from China, or any other country where there are cheap offerings based on your interest, and resell to interested Nigerians.

This business can be started for as low as N50,000.

Ensure that you study the demands on Nigerians so that you do not buy products that will end up not selling.

Shirt Making

If you do not want to trade in second-hand clothes, you could start a business that deals in shirt making.

You can buy fabrics at a fabrics market – there are a lot of them spread across cities, but popularly cheap in Aba – and give them to a tailor that would sew them to the taste of your target market.

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Makeup Business

There is always a party. There is always an event where someone needs their face touched up.

This is where you come in. Provided you are skilled in the service, then nothing stops you from venturing into the makeup business.


Can you handle a camera? If no, you can always learn. There are free tutorials on the internet.

Every event needs a photographer, why not be the person to deliver that service?

Know the right angles to take. Know how best to satisfy your customers through innovative business service delivery, and you will have requests of your skill lined up.

Poultry Farming

This is a lucrative business, only if you dedicate the time to ensure that it grows into a successful one.

It will depend on you to choose what aspect of poultry you want to focus on.

You could rear animals like chicken, pigs, turkey, etc. There is an assortment of options for you to choose from.

To Conclude…

Listed above are business ideas for all N-Power beneficiaries to get inspired by, but it falls on you to make the decision.

One thing to note, before you take any step, you could reach out to those who have been in the business you plan on entering to get an idea of the pitfalls of ill-thought-out plans.

It would be best if you discussed your plans with moderately successful business owners in your field of interest.

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