Voting 101: 8 Things First-time Voters Should Know

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With the elections fast approaching, there is a need for Nigerians to know what to expect and do; especially first time voters.

Laju Iren a best-selling author, book coach, and film director in an Instgram live with Abenol; a platform for nation building that connects tech-savvy and educated Nigerians to the grassroots.

During the live session which was monitored by BizWatch Nigeria; first-time voters were educated and Nigerians urged to fully participate in the voting process.

Voting 101

1. Voting for President is not enough

Voting for President is not enough. The President cannot be effective if those in the senate and the House of Reps are not in support of his policies.

They will frustrate his efforts and can impeach him easily. On Feb 25th, don’t just vote for President, vote these two others.

2. Secure your vote

Go early and stay until the votes in your unit have been submitted. Don’t just vote and go home, stay to protect your vote. This will help keep the officials accountable and make election violence less likely.

3. Learn your party logo

Learn your party logo. Your party hashtag will not be on the ballot box. Neither will your candidate’s picture just your party logo. Learn it today.

4. Thumbprint

Thumbprint within the allocated box, horizontally so it doesn’t overlap into the next. But fold your ballot paper vertically.

Let the paper stand straight and kiss the other side, not bend down and touch it’s toes. If not, your print will stain another box & it won’t count.

5. Do not wear campaign T-shirts

For security reasons, Election Day is not the day to wear your campaign T-shirt or start announcing your candidate up and down.

People’s minds are already made up if they are outside to vote. It’s safer to understand your power is in your vote, peacefully use it and go back home

6. Safety

Be safety and security conscious. Go with a lot of water, if you have a big dog, take him or her and keep on a tight leash. Not to attack people oh but to be on the look out for danger. And to protect you and those around just in case.

7. March 11 is just as important as February 25

Elections on March 11 are as important as those on Feb 25th. Your governors and state assembly men and women deal with the issues that affect you personally.

Don’t be ‘watching feem’ when your future is being decided that day.

8. PVC

No carry dog and water forget your PVC for house. Go with your Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) and a power bank for your phone as well. Let your loved ones know where you are at all times.

She (Laju Iren) then urged Nigerians to memorize their candidates and their party logo.

With these pointers first-time voters have the knowledge of what to do and expect during the general elections. Remember that the February 25th election is as important as the March 11th election.

Do not sell your vote, it counts. A well-deserved and honest candidate would not need to buy votes, bribe anyone or engage in electoral violence.


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