Useful Vacation Planning Tips For You

A vacation is an enjoyable break from the daily grind. The goal of a vacation is best summed up by the expression “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy”.

According to the Nigerian Labour Code, employees are entitled to annual leave after a year of satisfactory service with a company. At this time, workers typically look forward to a break from their jobs so they can rest and recover.

However, organizing a vacation can be expensive, particularly when attempting to stick to a budget in the face of inflation, which, according to a recent report by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, has risen to 21.82 percent.

As a result of the foreign exchange crisis, travel costs have continued to soar, leading some people to wonder if taking a vacation is even realistic given their limited income.

Despite the depressing statistics, people can still have a good time on their annual vacation while adhering to a strict budget.

Key tips on how Nigerians can plan an annual vacation trip on a budget have been provided by industry experts in travel and tourism, they are:

Create a budget

The first step in planning a trip or making financial decisions is creating a budget. Set a budget for your trip before you go. Think about how much money you can comfortably spend while being honest about your expenses. You’ll be able to choose the type of vacation you can take by setting a budget.

According to Susan Akporiaye, president of the National Association of Nigerian Travel Agents, taking a trip without a budget is improper.

If individuals want to go on their yearly vacation, they must budget. This is a critical step in ensuring that people enjoy their annual vacation.

According to the expense of the trip, a budget’s range can be lower or higher.

Consider the destination.

With regard to budgeting and trip costs in general, the destination is crucial.

Make advance plans for your vacation

The ability to get better rates on travel, lodging, and activities is one of the biggest benefits of pre-planning your vacation. To take advantage of early bird discounts and other offers, research your destination and make your reservations as soon as possible.

Omoyeni Kolawole, the travel manager for Wayfare Travels, claims that the majority of Nigerians lack planning.

We’ve noticed that people like to make last-minute plans, although Kolawole doesn’t claim this is true of most people.

Nigerians rarely make a year-long plan. Perhaps it is because of the state of the nation that planning is challenging.

There are several steps to taking a relaxing and fulfilling vacation while on a tight budget.

Avoid busy travel times

Traveling during the busiest times of the year can be pricey. Avoid traveling when there are holidays or school breaks because prices are usually higher. Instead, go on vacation when it’s less expensive to travel.

It is always advisable to travel during off-peak times if you want to do so on a tight budget. Low seasons are times of the year when many people do not travel. Tickets are costly when traveling during the busiest times.

If people make early plans for the Christmas season, they won’t have to pay exorbitant costs.

People have time to apply for a Personal Travel Allowance from a commercial bank if they plan.

Choose an affordable destination

Pick a location that is within your budget. Some nations or tourist destinations have higher prices than others. Research is required to determine the cost of living in the proposed travel destination and to find the best prices on travel and lodging.

Destinations with a low barrier to entry and a large market share are promoted by the travel industry. There are some lovely places, but people’s perceptions of them are biased.

People adore visiting Dubai, for instance. But the visit to Qatar showed that there are more stunning scenery areas and tourist attractions there than in Dubai.

There are cheaper and better places to go, but most people choose to visit places that are in high demand.

You are not obligated to visit an expensive and exotic location simply because everyone else is. Take a close look at your finances.

Tourists should refrain from taking out loans to pay for their vacations unless there is a strong indication that money will soon start coming in

Go on group trips

Travelers share the costs of group trips.

Based on the number of passengers, the travel agency negotiates a price with the hotels and transportation providers.

Remember that one of the main things people are unaware of is how expensive all the transportation between locations is.

For instance, two passengers in a bus that costs N8,000 will each pay N4,000. However, if 20 people split the cost equally, each person would be responsible for N400.

A better vacation trip experience can be obtained by planning with a travel agency. Before paying for a trip, people get all the details so there are no hiccups or unpleasant surprises.

Finally, it takes some research and planning to organize a vacation on a tight budget. You can have a memorable vacation without breaking the bank.

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