USAID eTrade Alliance: Jobberman To Profile 25,000 Young Nigerians

USAID eTrade Alliance: Jobberman To Profile 25,000 Young Nigerians

Jobberman has announced a partnership with the USAID-funded Alliance for eTrade Development II (eTrade Alliance) to help drive the development of Nigeria’s thriving e-commerce industry.

The partners at a press conference on Wednesday said Jobberman will conduct behavioural profiling on 25,000 young people aged 18-35 and 1,000 employees in the formal and informal e-commerce sector as part of the #FindyourdigitalSuperpower campaign.

The fast-growing youth population, which makes up half of the country’s total population, is expected to power the digital marketplace with close to two million joining the labour force per year.

The Jobberman and eTrade Alliance partnership is geared to ready the labour market for such growth by identifying strengths and developmental opportunities within the sector, providing the benchmark and supporting resources to allow its potential to be realised.

The aim of the programme is to determine how to maximise unique behavioural traits and skills required to boost the booming digital space, the Chief Executive Officer of Jobberman Nigeria, Rolake Rosiji, says.

Rosiji, said, “We are excited to be collaborating with the eTrade Alliance on this timely campaign which is very much in line with our initiatives to advance the digital landscape of Nigeria.

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“The emerging e-commerce industry sums up the entrepreneurial energy of Nigerians, which this campaign will build on; by using our innovative technology to transform businesses from a talent perspective.

“We are looking forward to seeing the results from the behavioural profiling exercise, which will help to enhance business transformation, especially for digital SMEs.”

Rosiji explained that Jobberman will pilot technology designed to profile four categories of individuals in the e-commerce sector, in order to help large structured organisations and informal businesses optimise their talents.

eTrade Alliance Project Director, Anne Szender, stated, “The eTrade Alliance is excited by this opportunity to leverage the skills and expertise of our Alliance partner Jobberman to improve labour market matching in the fast-growing digital commerce sector.

“Through this innovative pilot we will gain insight into the key traits and skills that are critical for workers in the digital commerce space; information which can inform the design of future workforce development and job matching programs, creating long-term economic impacts for job seekers, SMEs, and their communities.”

Also, ROAM Africa’s Director of Partnerships, Impact Projects, Reshma Bharmal Shariff, added that the initiative will provide participants a competitive edge to attain their aspirations in this digital economy. 

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