Update iOS Software, NITDA Advises Apple Users

Update iOS Software, NITDA Advises Apple Users

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has advised users of Apple devices in the country to upgrade the operating sysåtem (iOS) with the latest patches to guard against a spyware called Pegasus.

In the memo signed by its Head of Corporate Affairs and External Relations, Hajiya Hadiza Umar, NITDA warned users of the harm the spyware could cause to their personal data if the upgrade is not done.

This followed the issuance of a software patch by Apple to block “zero-click” spyware that could infect iPhones and iPads.

Some independent researchers had identified the flaw, which lets hackers access the devices through the iMessage service even if users do not click on a link or file.

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According to the researchers, they have found out that the problem affects all of the technology giant’s operating systems.

But Apple said it issued the security update in response to a maliciously crafted PDF file.

The tech company said in a blog post that it had issued the iOS 14.8 and iPadOS 14.8 software patches after it became aware of a report that the flaw “may have been actively exploited”.

However, NITDA, in a memo on Wednesday, urged all Apple device users in Nigeria to take caution and upgrade their devices’ operating system.

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