Top 7 BBNAIJA All Stars Moments From Last Week

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During this past week, the BBNaija all-stars house left us with our emotions all over the place, with comic moments that had us laughing throughout the week. We the viewers were sent to various places from tears to laughter, loneliness to love, and anger to friendship, ‘Wetin our eyes no see this past week’.

Myself and Bizwatch Nigeria are here to give you the hottest gist about what happened in the BBN all-stars house this past week.
Here are the top 7 BBNaija moments;

1. Omashola Head of House and Kimoprah;

Omashola emerged as head of house for the week and picked Ilebaye, Mercy, Ceec, and Whitemoney as his Bffs, meanwhile, Kimoprah got angry that Omashola didn’t pick her as his BFF, Omashola explained that the reason he didn’t pick was because of the respect he has for his wife and child knowing the history between him and Kimoprah.

2. Neo versus Angel fight

As the week continued, Big Brother’s parrot dropped a truth bomb about what some housemate said earlier in the house, Hearing this Angel got upset and said Neo was lying insisting that she didn’t say any of the things Neo said. This made the two of them go at each other and both of them started exchanging words, Later in the week they sat down and had a conversation about the fight and they talked it out and settled their differences.

3. Pere’s fight with Doyin

Another commotion was caused by Biggie’s parrot, Doyin claimed that Pere had made a statement that Cross snatched Kimoprah from him, Pere stood his ground that he never made such a statement, then Doyin started calling him all sorts of names which made Pere angry and he punched the wall and made a hole in the wall. Later on Sunday, Biggie addressed the issue and gave both of them a strike.

4. Angel’s prank on Adekunle and Ceec

During the week, Angel wrote a letter to Adekunle about Ceec having feelings for Adekunle and placed it in Ceec’s name, making it look like Ceec wrote the letter. She proceeded to spray Ceec’s perfume on the letter to make it look real. Angel only told Ilebaye about the plan, she placed the letter in Adekunle’s locker waiting for Adekunle to get it. Later on, when Adekunle got the letter, he read it and smiled, and placed the letter back in his locker.

5. Former BBN stars in the house ;

During their wager presentation, Big Brother brought some former housemates Ozo, Chizzy, and Vandora to judge their wager presentation, Neo was so happy to see Ozo knowing their their close relationship outside the house. The housemates later won their wager.

6. Neo and Ilebaye romance;

After the exit of Tolanibaj, it didn’t take too long for Neo and Ilebaye to get coupled up. They have been seen together so many times. After the Saturday night party, they were seen on the staircase together all cuddled up.

7. Pere and Mercy kiss;

During the Saturday night party, Pere and Mercy had their moment and it didn’t stop there, When they got into the house they kissed again but Ilebaye tried to stop them because she didn’t want Mercy to cause problems.

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