Taxi Drivers Leave Bolt, Uber For Local Ride-Hailing Companies

Indigenous E-Hailing Platforms, Active Rides, My Cab Set To Displace Uber, Bolt

Taxi Drivers in Lagos under the Professional E-Hailing Drivers and Private Owners Association (PEDPA) have decried the welfare services of ride-hailing firms such as Bolt and Uber.

Members of the association noted that they had aligned themselves with services such as Active Ride and My Cab, local companies that provide the same services like Uber and Bolt, stating that they provided sufficient welfare packages for “riders’ satisfaction”.

Speaking with NAN, the National President, PEDPA, Idris Shonuga, said, “These indigenous App companies would work with the templates and provide drivers with a good welfare package for riders’ satisfaction.

“This will enable the union to protect the collective interests of the drivers as decisions can now be jointly taken and approved before it is binding on both parties.”

“As against the 20 per cent commission by the team giant App companies, Active Ride is charging 15 per cent commission on each trip.

“And out of the 15 per cent, five per cent is dropped into the driver’s cooperative wallet and can be accessed for a quick fix.

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“This means that with the 10 per cent commission taken by Active Ride, drivers can now earn more and even save.

“They can now have a good maintenance routine which in turn translates to better customer service delivery.

“Most drivers are no longer able to maintain their cars and cannot manage the riders well as they most times transfer their aggression on the riders whom they felt are underpaying them.”

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