SFS Fund Mobile App Sees 300% Rise In User Downloads

The number of people using SFS Fund Mobile App, a mutual fund investing app, has increased by 300%, according to SFS Capital, a top investment management in Nigeria.  The software, which was released in the second half of last year, is designed to help people start their investment journey with ease.

Some of the features of the SFS Fund Mobile App that have eased acceptance by both new and existing users include an easy-to-use interactive dashboard, as low as NGN 5,000 accepted start-up investment, investments made on the go and are mobile-friendly, enabled direct transfers from users’ banks to their virtual accounts and having third party payments that can be made directly into users’ investment accounts.

 “There’s no doubt that investment apps became really popular last year and we are extremely excited about the growth of the SFS Fund Mobile App and how it is playing a role in encouraging more individuals to start their investment journey with Mutual Fund”, Managing Director and CEO of SFS Capital, Patrick Ilodianya said.

Globally, there has been a rise in the usage of retail investment apps. The COVID-19 pandemic induced pragmatic investment decisions by individuals coupled with increased accessibility to mobile, enabled more individuals to start investing.

The SFS Fund Mobile App is apt for individuals who need a trustworthy, secure and easy platform for high yield investments in Mutual Funds. The app is available for download on Android and iOS. Investments made via the app are managed by seasoned investment experts in the Nigerian financial market who ensure that the returns paid to investors range from 11% to 17% per annum. The Fund has consistently maintained an “AA+” rating which is the 2nd highest possible rating for a Mutual Fund and has a high competitive return on investment and no pre-termination charge.

Investment in Mutual Funds is a proven recipe for wealth creation given the opportunities and flexibility it presents to investors. “This year we will like to encourage more individuals to make a more decisive move concerning their finances. Investing in Mutual Funds via the SFS Mobile Fund App makes it possible for individuals to begin to build wealth especially in an economy like ours that is characterised with downturns and uncertainties”, Ilodianya added.

The SFS Mobile Fund App is part of SFS Capital’s digitisation narrative as the investment management company builds on the legacy it has as a leading Nigerian non-bank financial institution.

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