Private Sector Boosting Lagos Economy – Agbasimalo

Private Sector Boosting Lagos Economy - Agbasimalo

A governorship candidate in the upcoming November 6 Anambra election, Obiora Agbasimalo, has expressed his desire to improve the state’s revenue generation, taking from the template of Lagos State.

Agbasimalo, who spoke on Channels Television’s ‘The Battle for Awka Seat of Power’, said that Lagos State generated most of its revenue from the private sector, a model that would be copied and utilised in the state if he is elected governor of Anambra State.

Campaigning under the umbrella of Labour Party, Agbasimalo said, “The private sector pays taxes more than the government. That means it is the private sector that is boosting the economy of Lagos.

“Now Anambra is one of the most industrialized states in the country, maybe after Lagos and Ogun. Are we tapping into the revenue of the state?

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“That is why we will build industries, encourage investors and make the environment more conducive for them to come in and establish more – either the cottage or the big ones.”

“We are going to go to the grassroots base, the local government administration. We are going to have democratically elected government chairmen by conducting local government elections within a year, give or take.”

He added that the state needed to change the way “of doing things”, noting that the “old ways won’t cut it anymore.”

He said, “Anambra is ripe for a new lease of life. Anambra deserves a new way of doing things. The old ways won’t cut it anymore. In this era of ‘not-too-young to run’, there is now opportunity for people like me 35 years and above to run for governorship positions.”

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