PMA Criticises Multiple Taxes, Says It Has Made Business Difficult

The many levies sought by some tiers of government have been criticised as scandalous by the Paint Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (PMA), a division of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), by the association’s Chairman, Ambolu S. Babatunde, at a news conference.

This information expressed sadness that this development has made doing business more difficult. This was in advance of the summit the association was hosting on “Maximizing the Opportunities of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) in COVID-19 age.”

Babatunde emphasised that the operating business climate was less favourable, as a result there is a need for government intervention. He noted that the 2022 PMA Coating Show, the seventh in the series of the association’s biannual Raw Materials/Equipment and Paints fair, is scheduled to hold from October 24 to 25.

Rotimi Aluka, a member of the MAN, lamented the high cost of doing business in the nation and urged the government to assist manufacturers.

“The harsh business environment is a threat to businesses in Nigeria in terms of AfCFTA. It will make our products uncompetitive. Further taxes are not helping the business community and it continues to make Nigerian products uncompetitive.

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