Navy Sends Out 16 Warships, Per The Presidential Fleet Review

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Vice Admiral Awwal Zubairu Gambo, the Chief of Naval Staff, announced on Wednesday that 16 warships from the Nigerian Navy, three Above Water 109E NN helicopters, and Super Tucano (NAF) aircraft, among others, will take part in the Presidential Fleet Review in Lagos to honor President Muhammad Buhari.

This is in line with the CNS’s claim that the Nigerian Navy acquired a total of 20 capital ships during President Muhammadu Buhari’s eight-year administration, which also stated that “the ships comprise of Offshore Patrol Vessels, Landing Ship Transport, Hydrographic Survey Vessels, Seaward Defence Boats, Helicopters, as well as, over 300 Inshore Patrol Vessels and Assault crafts.”

The Chief of Policy and Plans, Rear Admiral Saidu Garba, spoke on behalf of the CNS during a press conference in Abuja. He said,”The NN Fleet has undergone a period of significant reform throughout President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. In order to ensure the recapitalization of the NN Fleet, which has grown to be the pride of the Gulf of Guinea (GoG) and one of Africa’s most adaptable naval fleets, the President shown immense political resolve.”

NNS Thunder, NNS Centenary, NNS Ikenne, NNS Kada, NNS Lana, NNS Kano, NNS Nguru, NNS Ibeno, NNS Aba, NNS Oji, NNS Andoni, NNS Osun, NNS Ose, NNS Ekulu, NNS Gongola, and NNS Shiroro were among the NN ships he named as taking part.
One MI35 Helicopter, one Diamond-42, one ATR-42 MPA, and three A29 Super Tucano are among the participating NAF aircraft.

The exercise is also likely to include a few foreign warships from allies including Ghana, Ghana, Brazil, and Spain.

Rear Admiral Garba stated, “This theme was carefully chosen to underscore the essence and value of the NN, as a responsive naval force poised to achieve national prosperity. The theme of the NN Presidential Fleet Review (PFR) 2023 is ‘Fleet Readiness for National Prosperity’.

Therefore, it is necessary to hold the PFR-2023 in honor of Mr. President for his dedication to enhancing the nation’s naval resources and capacity to project her instruments of maritime power for the benefit of the entire country.

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