Mmeli, Jenni O Say Final Goodbye To The BBTitans Show In The Season’s Third Eviction

Mmeli, Jenni O Say Final Goodbye To The BBTitans Show In The Third Eviction Of The Season

Every week comes with lots of drama and it’s also a step closer to the grand finale. Week 4 in the Big Brother house came with a lot of emotional baggage, conflicts, resolutions and a super win for the Royals (Ebubu and Tsatsi) who emerged royalty for winning the HOH games.

It’s safe to say that housemates are giving what’s meant to be given… at least from the words of Jenni, she gave Africa the energy and what they needed to hear

There was a lot to unpack from tonight’s eviction. Confusion, shock, table shattering are a few words to describe the live show. The Big Brother Titans host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, came with the heat as he shattered every ship, triangle, pyramid in the house and left no crumbs. The game is the game, anyway!

Prior to the announcement of the evicted pair, there was a recap of the weekly activities from the Head of House games, wagers, house tasks, parties, and conflicts. Afterwards, Ebuka and Lawrence addressed the housemates by calling up the nominated housemates, but sadly there’s an end to every good thing.  

Tonight, the Jenneli pair bid goodbye to the show, leaving Yelisa, Khosicle, Juvone, Kaniva, Juiovla, Yelisa, and Thabana to continue in the game for another week.

After the eviction, there was a walk down memory lane for Jenni O and Mmeli. Ebuka and Lawrence asked them questions about how they felt about the eviction, their situationships in the house, and if it will be pursued outside the show.

Mmeli’s response was that everything he did was for the game, noting that he had no initial strategy. And as for the situationships, he mentioned that he came into the house to have fun.

Meanwhile, for Jenni, Ebuka asked her to explain what the ‘coven’ was all about in the house. In her response, she and the other ladies thought it was a good idea to discuss everything behind the camera to let viewers know what was happening. According to her, she brought energy and vim to the show.

In addition, she stated that the situationship she had with Juicy Jay started off as a game between her and Yvonne with the intention to play Juicy Jay. Unfortunately, emotions crept in as Yvonne found love and moved on with him; and to avoid any ‘entanglements’, she decided to back off.

The show wrapped up with an emotional goodbye for the Jennili pair as Ebuka and Lawrence closed on the show with comments and reactions from viewers on social media

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