Marvel Natural Products PLC Launches Global Synergy To Build Healthy, Empowered Society

Determined to contribute to the health and wellness of Nigerians, Marvel Natural Products PLC, a leader in the natural wellness industry, has announced the launch of Global Synergia, a cutting-edge community-building platform designed to foster a dynamic and engaged community where individuals can contribute to a healthier, more connected world while enjoying the rewards of promoting products they believe in.

This announcement was made recently in a press release signed by the Chief Executive Officer of Marvel Natural Products, Mrs. Temitope Akinyemi. The company said the innovative initiative aims to unite and empower individuals while promoting the extensive range of Rida natural wellness products.

“At Marvel Natural Products PLC, we believe in the strength of collective effort to tackle health and wellness challenges. Thus, the introduction of Global Synergia underscores the business objective to harness the power of community to amplify positive wellness outcomes while providing financial opportunities for our members and Nigerians,” said Akinyemi. “We are quite excited to see the Rida community grow and thrive.”

Marvel Natural Products PLC is the maker of the Rida range of high-quality, clinically tested natural wellness solutions. The Rida brand includes products that support male and female reproductive health, weight loss efforts, infection treatment and management, blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis treatment and management, among other health-related challenges. The range also includes body care and personal hygiene products.

According to the CEO, “All Rida products are NAFDAC-approved, adhere to ISO 9001 quality standards, and have FDA approval, ensuring the highest safety and efficacy standards. Our products have received outstanding reviews from users who have experienced significant health benefits.”

The company said it remains committed to research, innovation, and customer satisfaction, hence the continued expansion of its product offerings to meet the evolving needs of health-conscious consumers. The company has called on health-conscious Nigerians to jump on the Global Synergia platform to contribute to a healthier society while reaping financial rewards at the same time.

L-R: Dr Susan Erekosima, Pharm Timeyin Ogungbe, Pharm Temitope Akinyemi (CEO Marvel Natural Products), Ms Juliana Olayode, Dr Nkem Obianagha, and Dr Funmi Aina, during the launch of RIDA Restore in Lagos recently

For more information about Global Synergia and to join the Rida Family, please visit or contact 08072690001.

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