Many Nigerians Lack Conviction In Govt Information On COVID-19 – Report

COVID-19: Nigeria Records Twenty Three Deaths

Many Nigerians have expressed lack of trust in the information shared by the Nigerian government on coronavirus.

In a survey carried out by Geo Poll, a mobile-based research company, said about 35 per cent of the 500 respondents said they strongly disagree with the information provided on coronavirus by the Federal Government.

Meanwhile, 37 per cent of the respondents expressed trust in information disseminated by the government on the virus.

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Findings of the study conducted in Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa,  Côte D’Ivoire, Kenya, Mozambique and Nigeria, showed that many were willing to take coronavirus vaccine once it becomes available in the country.

“In Nigeria, 35 per cent strongly disagree and 37 per cent strongly agree that the information provided to them around coronavirus is true, strongly agree with the same while in DRC 45 per cent strongly disagree and 45 per cent statement. There were not large differences observed by age or gender in terms of level of trust in government information,” the report stated.

Analysts at Geo Poll said Nigerians were most likely to report spending more on essential items due to high food prices.

It said 82 per cent of respondents aligned with findings from the Food and Agriculture Organisation regarding high food prices in Nigeria.

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