How To Decorate Your One-Room Apartment In Nigeria: A Guide

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Are you looking for tips on how to decorate your one-room apartment in Nigeria? If so, this article has got you covered. Decorating is one of the most exciting things about moving to a new apartment. It allows you to showcase your personality; that’s through furniture, art, unique color combinations, and much more.

In a small space like a one-room apartment, you must be extra particular about everything to avoid clutter. Regardless of your décor and color preferences, this guide offers the best tips that’ll have you in one room feeling cozy and expensive.

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How to Decorate Your One-Room Apartment in Nigeria

Finding apartments for rent  in Nigeria can be tricky, but even decorating them is a much bigger task. You must be keen on details to make your apartment classy and nice. Below are the best tips to help you decorate your house to your liking.

1.      Use Art

Choose a larger art piece to fill the expansive wall over small pieces. This is because the small art pieces will make the space feel cluttered.

The larger art pieces add a graphic focal point to the entire room and act as a single-color source. It’ll help inspire other accessories to add and personalize the room further.

To make the art pop out, go for acrylic or glass furniture. They’ll help create the illusion of extra space while maintaining functionality.

2.      Use Right Lighting

The right lighting will make your small space more alive. Besides the natural light from windows, you can add extra lighting for warmth.

If your room doesn’t have enough space for a table or floor lamps, choose any lighting options that use little space. These can include ceiling lighting or wall lighting etc.

3.      Go Bold with Colors

Bold textures, prints, and colors are magical in a small space. However, you should also include some neutrals to avoid overwhelming the room. If you want to go too bold, use prints and colors in little ways, such as throw pillows, cushions, picture frames, etc.

Overall, if you use balanced colors, you can throw a bold color in different places.

4.      Add Curves

You can do these using pieces with curved and rounded edges to add some dimension to your room – especially if it’s box-shaped. Adding a circular throw pillow or round end table will prevent your room from looking monotone.

Instead of a plain rectangular frame or mirror, choose a round statement piece.

5.      Add New Scents

There are various great scents in the market – if you don’t have one yet, then great since there are options. If you have one, grab your diffuser, unpack that essential oil, and let it change your apartment.

A good essential oil diffuser will help you relax and unwind always. A candle is the best pick if you want to keep your scent simple.

6.      Make It Functional

Don’t spend money on things that aren’t functional. So, what does it mean to be functional? A functional piece is something that you use almost every time, such as a table. Note that functional can still be fashionable.

Even artwork can be functional if it evokes favorable emotions. For example, does it invigorate you or make you calm?

7.      Stick with Ideas That Don’t Need a Permanent Change

There are many great decorating ideas on the internet, but most may not work with a one-room apartment because they are permanent. For example, painting or changing the ceiling design or lighting will affect the room in some ways.

So, when decorating your one room, stick with ideas that won’t affect its physical space. Invest in decorations you can easily carry when you relocate, such as paintings, throw pillows, area rugs, furniture, etc.

However, you can talk to your landlord to make permanent decorations. Some will agree but ask you to return the space to its original condition when you relocate. Others might even reimburse you for the upgrades made.

8.      Take Advantage of Your Wall

You shouldn’t neglect the wall since it greatly affects how your room appears. You can use the wall by attaching bookcases, floating shelves, and art. Ensure the art adds some vertical depth to the wall while creating space.

In addition, if you’ve got any piece that you love but don’t have a place to keep it – for example, a scented candle, picture, or vase. You can hang a secure shelf on the wall and place it on it.

9.      Get Creative with Storage

There are unlimited storage options in the market; for a small house, pick a lovely piece. Go for furniture that offers extra storage space, such as Ottoman beds with storage under, entertainment units with storage, etc.

Find a way to store your items organized to keep your house clean and beautiful.

10.  Have a Plan

If you start decorating your apartment without a plan or vision, you’ll buy things you don’t need. The key to decorating an apartment is having a master plan and writing down everything you want to buy. Or else you’ll make costly mistakes by buying things for the wrong reasons.

In your plan, pull together the color, fabric, and artwork you want in your room. You should also have an outline or picture of the overall look and feel that you want.

11.  Use Furniture That Saves Space

In addition to your belongings, furniture will take up a lot of space in your room. Therefore, it’s best to pick furniture that is as space-saving as possible.

For example, you can mount something on the wall instead of a massive entertainment unit. Or instead of a big wooden bed, choose one that’s foldable and much more.

You can ensure that all furniture in your house is either floating, slim, small, foldable, or wall-mounted. They’ll help you save space for other things and make it easy to move around.

12.  Declutter Your Apartment Regularly

You should be open to throwing out old junk as you buy new things. You might have a connection with your old stuff but keep in mind that they’ll prevent you from achieving the look you want. Here are the few best ways to let go of your old belongings.

·         Sell them (garage sales, or via craigslist, etc.)

·         You can donate to a locate thrift store

13.  Define Separate Areas

You can create the illusion of a bigger apartment by giving the different parts of your room a distinct, unique décor scheme. For living space, use light colors such as eggshells or beige.

You can liven up the bathroom with bold and bright colors and lighting. If a wall isn’t present, you can use area rugs, wall curtains, or dividers to create an image of separate spaces.

14.  Make Use of Mirrors

If you need something multi-function – a mirror is the most ideal. It creates an illusion of additional space while adding light to your room. It does this by reflecting both non-natural and natural lighting.

The mirrors are feasible on their own. You can use one large mirror – a round-shaped one is the best or place several smaller ones in the room. This creates the illusion of extra space.

15.  Decorate with Books

This simple décor idea will give your room a cozy feel. You can add a pile of old books on your shelf or book stand.

Books can be easily found in schools, sales bins, thrift stores, etc. However, ensure you do it correctly to avoid making your house look like a bookstore.

16.  Add Flowers or Plants

You can add some life to your room by adding a plant or flower. There are different kinds of plants to choose from. Ensure the plant holder/ vessel is also beautiful and matches the theme of your space.

17.  Streamline Your Gallery Walls

It’s fun creating an eclectic, quirky, colorful gallery wall – but the goal should be creating a high-end illusion. Therefore, you’ll need to scale back on shapes, colors, and textures to achieve this.

Use photos or art with similar or almost similar color palettes. Their frames should also be identical in size and shape. You can then arrange the art in a geometry layout, such as a stair step or grid. The more symmetrical and uniform the layout and art, the more polished your art will appear.

18.  Use Natural Materials 

Decorate your room with natural materials—for example, real marble instead of laminate. Or use solid wood and not veneers. The result of pulling natural materials will have a house that feels expensive and luxurious.


The above tips on how to decorate your one-room apartment in Nigeria will help create a unique style for your room while maintaining functionality.

The aim is to take as much advantage as possible of your small space and make it the best. There’s no fixed rule on decorating, but the above tips will help you do that. However, you should create a plan and budget before starting the decoration process.

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