How Brand Exposure Through Press Release Distribution, Content Marketing Can Help A Startup Gain Traction

How Brand Exposure Through Press Release Distribution, Content Marketing Can Help A Startup Gain Traction

The internet is a busy-hive of millions of activities by the second with every business fighting for attention and exposure. For start-ups and small business owners, the battle is not the same. Content writing services and Press release distribution services help bridge the gap, cut the budget both in the short and long-term, and help small business owners survive and thrive.

The battle-field of marketing and brand exposure favors the army with both the right people and a good amount of budget; The deeper the pocket the stronger the army. According to Themanifest.com, only 7% of small businesses have an annual budget of $1m, with more than one-third spending less than $10,000. With the impact of COVID-19, this is only going to fall lower.

Content Marketing: Winning The Battle Without a Fight

Content marketing is a powerful marketing route for small business owners as it can be incredibly cheap and super effective. Growing from zero industry visibility, leading press release distribution provider, NewswireJet adopted the organic growth strategy without raising a cent in funding, the company is now recognized as one of the best Public Relations (PR) distribution services with clients all over the world.

Coschedule, a marketing suite solution provider grew without the hassles and whistles of fundraising through aggressive content marketing pushing up their web traffic from 500 to almost one million a month.

Coschedule has grown incredibly since then, generating up to $5m Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). The strategy is simple- Content, Content Upgrade, Leads, Audience Warm-up, and Sales. Unlike other strategies, content marketing requires patience and persistency.

With Google updates done almost every day and core algorithm updates taking place at least 4 times each year, startups will need to keep fighting each day to gain good traction over time organically.

Quantity vs Quality

When it comes to content marketing, finding the perfect mix of quantity and quantity can be a problem. While it can be smart to sacrifice quantity for quality, lack of consistency can affect the overall relevancy of the site in the eyes of Google’s Algorithm.

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A website gets penalized for lack of consistency in content publishing but does get punished as well for content for poor reader engagement. Google is a user-centric business, so they pay serious attention to how helpful the content is to their users.

Blog posts will high Cost Through Rate(CTR) and Bounce Rate tend to move higher in ranking positions as the Algorithm will simply mark the post as more useful than others. This is how much user engagements affect search results.

Write for your audience and not for search engines. This is a pearl of simple wisdom because when you write for your users you are writing for those that will instruct the search engines on how to rank you higher or lower.

Funneling Leads from Blog Posts

Outside brand awareness, content marketing should be structured to suck in leads from visitors. Getting your visitors to drop their email will never happen if you give nothing in exchange for their emails.

A strategic funnelling system can help improve the Return On Investment (ROI) on content marketing. Start-up owners can collect leads and set up an email sequence to keep the leads engaged and warm them up before any attempt to make a sale.

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