Halo Financial Launches Innovative Service For Money Management

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A fintech start-up called Halo Financial Services Limited has introduced an innovative service to help Nigerians manage and grow their money.

Chidimma Onyeokoro, Halo’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, said during a press conference in Lagos on Wednesday that Halo allows communities to deliver financial services to their members.

Onyeokoro said, “Halo defines a community as any group of people with defined membership and identifiable leadership.

“This includes professional or trade associations, cooperatives, social clubs, unions, even old boys’ and girls’ associations and more.”

She explained that Halo provided multi-channel access while emphasizing the company’s desire to serve as many individuals as possible.

She explained that individuals who are comfortable with technology may use an app to transact with Halo via a nationwide network of agents, while those who are wealthy could use a managed service.

She stated that the fintech space in Nigeria was extremely competitive, so to meet Halo’s very ambitious goals, the firm had built a team of dynamic, knowledgeable, and committed professionals with a deep understanding of market realities.

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