Earth Day: Google Reveals Top Sustainability-Related Trends in Nigeria

Google Launches Emergency Fund For Local News Outlets
Google Launches Emergency Fund For Local News Outlets

In celebration of Earth Day, Google has released data highlighting the top sustainability-related trends in Nigeria. The data showcases Nigerians’ growing interest in environmental issues, as they search for answers to questions and learn more about the pressing concerns of our planet.

Nigerians are showing a strong desire to understand environmental terms and concepts, such as global warming and climate change. In simple terms, global warming is the gradual increase in Earth’s temperature due to human activities, while climate change refers to the wider effects of global warming, including changes in weather patterns and more extreme weather events. Both of these issues have a major impact on Nigeria’s environment, economy, and society. The most asked questions on Google in Nigeria include:

  1. What is global warming?
  2. What is climate change?
  3. What causes climate change?
  4. What is the greenhouse effect?
  5. What is an ecosystem?

Google’s data reveals the top trending topics in Nigeria, reflecting the country’s growing concerns and interests. Among these, the devastating 2022 floods—which affected 33 out of 36 states, and displaced over 2 million people —stand out and underscore the significance of this issue. With a vast coastline and numerous rivers, Nigeria is particularly vulnerable to flooding, which can wreak havoc on communities, agriculture, and infrastructure. Consequently, Nigerians are increasingly searching for solutions to manage and mitigate the impacts of flooding.

Another trending topic in Nigeria is carbon neutrality. As awareness of climate change grows and its effects become more evident, Nigerians are seeking ways to minimise their carbon footprint and contribute to global climate action. Both individuals and businesses are showing heightened interest in reducing their emissions and promoting sustainable practices to combat climate change and protect their communities.

 The top trending topics are:

  1. Flood 
  2. Carbon neutrality 
  3. Environmental, social, and corporate governance
  4. Tropical cyclone 
  5. Climate change 
  6. Landsliding 
  7. Solar power 
  8. Heat wave 
  9. Solar lamp 
  10. Climate 

The most searched topics showcase a range of environmental subjects that Nigerians are eager to explore:

  1. Flood
  2. Climate
  3. Solar power
  4. Solar energy
  5. Pollution
  6. Climate change
  7. Sustainability
  8. Recycling
  9. Nuclear power
  10. Renewable energy

Reflecting on these findings, Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, Communications and Public Affairs Manager, West Africa, emphasised the importance of individual and collective action: “Climate change is one of humanity’s most urgent challenges, and Earth Month is an opportunity for all of us to consider how we can make a difference. By providing accessible information on environmental topics, we hope to empower Nigerians to take action for a more sustainable future. It’s not just about what Google does; it’s about how we can all work together to protect our planet.”

The data highlights Nigeria’s growing awareness and commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. As the country faces unique challenges in combating climate change, the increased attention to these issues is a testament to the growing public engagement on Earth Day and beyond.

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